FUTURE-SPEC – Mazda MX-5 and CX-3 Platforms Reborn as Scion S-FR and Scion iD

A few months ago, Toyota and Mazda announced a major partnership in vehicle development and production. The Mazda2’s conversion into the US-exclusive four-door Scion iA is a huge hit, and the two Japanese rivals seemed eager to deepen the bond. There may have been an equity swap to even seal their newly-strong link. But details on the ground were — and are — very secret. What are they working on together? PART ONE:  The S-FR As the months pass, we have a much clearer idea: specific Toyota variants of Mazda platforms. The S-FR sports coupe for the Tokyo auto show …

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2015 CES Showfloor Best and Worst + 75 High-Res Photos of Automotive Future-Tech

Wish you were in Vegas this week for endless keynote speeches bags of cool tech swag, product demo’s and a glimpse into the future? We have the next best thing: a full showfloor gallery of the coolest automotive tech displayed. As a reminder, this below gallery (should) be the new lightbox setup. So after a pic opens in a new tab, the original page is now set up as a slideshow. Click the right-hand side of a photo to scroll to next pic, and the left-hand side of a pic to see previous photo. Why a new tab first?  As …

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