Updated With Real-Life Photos! 140MPH+ 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe PPV With Optional 4×4 and Track-Ready Suspension

Tahoe PPV gifUPDATED 10.3.14

Got to meet the 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe PPV this week – and its presence is undeniable! In fact, when this thing pulled up behind a few cars in the parking lot – we were sure that the real PoPo was investigating something. Only after seeing Chevy PR guys hop out did we realize that this is the demo model.

Changes versus the current civilian Tahoe versus the LEO models are pretty significant. For spotters, the front bumper with its taller profile and tow hooks is a give-away, with less aero cladding down below so that the Tahoe can jump curbs with the best of them.

Expect a similar bumper on the upcoming Tahoe and Suburban 2500 models.

But what really left an impression? Seeing the Tahoe PPV haul ass around the Autobahn Country Club racetrack. Driven in expert hands, the Tahoe was every bit as fast as the supercars it chased around these tight corners and high-speed bends. Not an ounce of roll was present as the big Tahoe PPV roared around the track – which is mighty impressive with cars like the Viper in front of it and a GT-R behind!

Will the Tahoe PPV live its life on racetracks like these supercars? No, it wont. But such 10/10ths driving is very relevant to police pursuits, and therefore a critical proving ground for the coolest police truck available.

2015 Chevrolet Tahoe PPV

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The funny thing about the Chevy Tahoe police cruiser’s tenure on the market is that it only recently started to offer four-wheel-drive to these LEO customers.

Tahoe PPV 2015 GIF

Fuel economy and high-speed pace were the initial reasons – with even the 2012 5.3-liter Tahoe PPVs able to hit 139 mph.

current-gen Tahoe specs

Four-wheel-drive is a mandatory feature this time of year in many places. Example? My hometown typically runs Tahoe PPV models and Crown Victoria Fords – but during the recent blizzard, switched to their personal 4×4’s to keep the peace. And keep the grip on snow and ice.


Rear-drive Tahoe’s are very stable, and come for the PPV crew with a limited-slip rear diff. But nothing beats four driven wheels in deep snow.

Tahoe Police concept

Law Enforcement Only sales are fiercely contested among the Charger Pursuit, Ford Interceptor sedan and utility, and the Durango Pursuit and Caprice PPV.

The New Ford Police Interceptor sedan and utility vehicles

The drive wheel configuration is particularly important to Police buyers, because it offers a hard and fast way to compare a set of models that all have pretty respectable specs.

The new Ford Police Interceptor utility

The Charger Pursuit is the most popular by far for serious high-speed work, and is offered as an AWD 5.7-liter V8 for 2014 that can hit 60 in 5.0-seconds dead.


The Taurus and Explorer Interceptors from Ford are much tamer by comparison. The vast majority are AWD V6 models without the turbo, meaning things are pretty relaxed in comparison with the V8 Chargers.

The V6 Charger Pursuit is the volume king, and true heir to the Crown Vic needs of LEO teams. 290-horsepower in the base engine is still up 70 or so over the Crown Vic’s 220.

2012-Dodge-Durango-Special-Service 2012-Dodge-Durango-Special-Service-drivers-side-three-quarters 2012-Dodge-Durango-Special-Service-rear-passengers-side-three-quarters

The Durango Pursuit is probably the best, most versatile option in terms of how many powertrains can lurk under a department’s matching livery.


The V6 and V8 are offered, each with optional 4×4. With the Durango’s latest hunkered-down stance, it definitely looks stable enough to match the Tahoe RWD’s track top speed.

3.5-liter EcoBoost Police Interceptor Utility

By comparison, the Explorer Interceptor is comfortable and a good drive, but frankly more unibody-like in its payload and chassis ratings than many departments need for their cruisers.

2013 Ford F-150 XL

But why so much need for four-wheel-drive Tahoe’s and Chargers versus the also-available Suburbans, F-150 XL, Ram SSV and Chevy Silverado W/T — all of which are also offered?

1382138419002-RM012-046FN  2014-01-10_183659


It comes down to price and safety. None of the previous four examples is rated for high-speed work, with explicit warnings right in the brochures.


To make an SUV police pursuit interceptor – versus just a mall-cop special – takes much more custom stability and traction-control programming, better tires and brakes, and of course, removing the original 110-mph governors on most civilian SUV Tahoes, etc.

Tahoe Police concept

So the Tahoe is good for the visibility and safety benefits of an SUV, and will join the fun next fall after the big roll-out of the Tahoe, Suburban, Escalade and Yukon around Super Bowl Sunday next month.

CarRevsDaily - 2015 GMC Yukon XL - Colors - Summit White GIF YUKON XL COLORS

How cool are the above spinners? GM CGI plus Tom Burkart! Lookin’good.

The details and packages of the 2015 Tahoe PPV 2WD and SSV 4WD are still being finalized, but will massively improve the livability of the cabins via better tech, safety and refinement. Imagine the basest base interior you can, then strip it of most seat adjustments and even a CD player — and you have yourself the previous Tahoe PPV models.


MyLink would be a cherished feature among America’s finest, and is coming standard across the board for the civilian models.

The W/T 2014 Silverado gives a better clue of the real 2015 Tahoe PPV’s interior, which does have some customizable screens in the gauge binnacle.


2015 Tahoe Police Pursuit Vehicle

2015 chevy tahoe-police



Ford Interceptor Models


This last one you neither want to drive nor be shuttled in…

2014-01-10_181809Tahoe PPV 2015 GIF