Nissan and GranTurismo Evolution Detailed – 150+ Nissans Drive-able in GT6

Did you see the teaser photo Nissan just released of the NC2020 GT1?!

I will include it here… due to the huge excitement I feel at this moment!

You are surely wondering: is this the next GT-R?

The answer is likely a “No, but….”

No, this Vision GT6 concept is not the real thing coming as the R36 generation of the legendary GT-R Nissan. But it will influence the real thing – particularly with what looks like some kind of e-Boost or hybrid technology in the powertrain package.

We are just speculating based on the appearance of the wheels in the GT1 NC2020 prototype, as well as inferring that the GT-R might benefit from this P1/918/LaFerrari-level of technology.

EV, hybrid or not — this will never be your grandmother’s Prius.

In fact, it will almost surely be the best-ever when Nissan fans get to learn more this coming Monday June 16, 2014. We would guess that the car will be playable in GranTurismo within the same day or perhaps on the 17th. Soon.

Nissan and the Polyphony Digital team at Sony Playstation are perhaps the most-entrenched OEM-developer partnership in the history of racing games. As such, there are more Nissan models and race-cars to drive in GT6 than from any other manufacturer.





Please enjoy this animated evolution of the Nissan cars playable in GT6, plus a giant-sized poster of all these cars as well.

NISSAN GT6 Models – Part 1

NISSAN GT6 Models – Part 2

NISSAN GT6 Models – Part 3

But before then, did the GT6 team forget any cool Nissan’s from over the years? Yes, yes they did. Here are a few of our favorites that are missing from the roster =]

A few high-res photos of great Nissan race cars…

HUGE Wallpaper of the Nissan GT6 Lineup



Nissan GT6 Cars – GALLERY



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