Genesis Coupe 3.8 R-Spec – Wheel Colors Visualizer! Plasti-Dip Fantastic Voyage

The Genesis Coupe is well-loved among the auto tuning community –for good reason! It is a wonderful canvas.

But is tuning just a left-coast thing? This group in the Southeastern US seems just as passionate as our pals in SoCal.

GENESIS COUPE Wheel COlorizer GIF 222

Evidence? This Plasti-dip wheel respray was the second or third color choice our pal’s GC had worn. He loves wheel color!

Said he developed a taste for it after adding a 9PSI turbocharger to his previous Toyota Yaris — bringing its total power tally of more than double what it was from the factory. A hooner’s delight in its 13-inch rubber, no doubt!

But moving up to a rear-drive performance machine is surely the best decision any car guy can make before dropping any more loot on a hopeless econobox.

2014-Hyundai-Genesis-Coupe-3.6-R-Spec-at-Cars-&-Coffee---Wearing-Custom-Lime-Green-Wheels24blue 2014 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.6 R-Spec at Cars & Coffee - Wearing Custom Lime Green Wheels24

So, what will our pal’s next wheel color be? He did not see excessively over-joyed about the lime green, it seemed, which means it probably is not the shade he really fantasized about. Color is never a sure thing until on the machinery, as many who have tried these experiments will know well.

We took to Photoshop to explore some options. I really like how the bright red and royal blues look, but it is highly subjective.


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