Road Test Review – 2020 Toyota Yaris XLE Sedan – By Carl Malek

The Toyota Yaris has had a very interesting life, with twists and turns worthy of a Tom Clancy novel. Once unveiled as a port of the model lineup for the axed Scion brand, the little four door transitioned to the main Toyota roster where it was briefly sold alongside its cruder predecessor. This went on until it took over the Yaris nameplate a short while ago, and has continued its role as Toyota’s smallest sub-compact offering. When we last met it, it was a few years ago where we had the chance to pilot a manual transmission equipped model. But …

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Toyota Extends Hatchback Magic To Yaris Subcompact for 2020 Model Year

When Toyota recently launched the Corolla hatchback, we were pleased to see that the Japanese auto giant was still willing to give U.S. buyers a chance to own a tidy five door amid the relentless tidal wave of CUV and SUV demand that has already swallowed up other hatchback entries like the Focus and Fiesta. With the Corolla doing well in sales, Toyota has decided to extend the love to the smaller Yaris sedan, and has gifted the Mazda infused subcompact a hatchback variant of its own for 2020. Unlike the Corolla hatchback, the smaller Yaris is essentially a reskinned …

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Toyota Yaris front fascia angle

2016 Toyota Yaris LE – Road Test Review – By Carl Malek

With the recent influx of economy minded products from both rivals as well as the dearly departed Scion brand, it is easy to assume at first glance that the humble Toyota Yaris gets lost in the shuffle. But does this tiny hatchback still have what it takes to stand out in this crowded segment? Or does it come up just a bit short?     The exterior styling of our 2016 Barcelona Red LE grade test car (2017 models have minimal changes) certainly made our car stand out in a crowd, and also helped it have a sporty flair. This …

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YARIS 2015 header gif1

2015 Toyota Yaris Adds LED Style and Standard Touchscreen Audio!

Big news for these small-car twins! By the looks and extra content of the 2015 three and five-door Yaris line, Toyota must not be pleased to lose an inch of its compact car dominance to upstarts Chevrolet and Hyundai-Kia! Toyota has owned the small car sales charts for two decades with its Corolla and various other models, but the littlest member of the family has sat out many rounds of updates by competing brands. Chevrolet’s Cruze, Sonic and Spark lines are making waves in the segment, while the Mitsubishi Mirage and Nissan Versa are also play hardball on price. So …

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Genesis Coupe 3.8 R-Spec – Wheel Colors Visualizer! Plasti-Dip Fantastic Voyage

The Genesis Coupe is well-loved among the auto tuning community –for good reason! It is a wonderful canvas. But is tuning just a left-coast thing? This group in the Southeastern US seems just as passionate as our pals in SoCal. Evidence? This Plasti-dip wheel respray was the second or third color choice our pal’s GC had worn. He loves wheel color! Said he developed a taste for it after adding a 9PSI turbocharger to his previous Toyota Yaris — bringing its total power tally of more than double what it was from the factory. A hooner’s delight in its 13-inch …

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TurboSquid 3D: Mercedes SSK, Jaguar D-TYPE Longnose and Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa

Including’s 3D design models of the Pagani Huayra ‘Extreme’ last night opened a really stinky can of worms for your humble scribe — who tries to Do The Right Thing more than even Spike Lee. On the one hand, these design models can and should be used for ethical and legal purposes. On the other hand: let’s imagine you own the intellectual property at play. Making the entire design available for just $100 or so to anyone online would be like Coca-Cola giving away the secret recipe after a customer takes their first sip of soda. Not in anyone’s …

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