2015 Acura NSX Set for Goodwood Debut — REAL Pre-Production Model — Plus! Dream Colorizer — 150 Shades of Hybrid Supercar

The NSX Concept is still making the rounds in near-production form — but there is big news on near-term horizon.

Our prediction? The New NSX will debut in production form this summer’s Goodwood Festival of Speed in England in late June of this year.

NSX Colors Nose Animation GIF FAST

While the debut is only confirmed so far as the “prototype,” we have reason to believe this prototype is actually the real pre-production car.

Why is this our prediction? Some inside info or a hot tip?

I wish.

No — we are working on a hunch. Informed by just historical data, careful analysis of the wording in this press note, and the shared preference among Honda (and Toyota) for surprise debuts of their hottest models. Evidence?

We have three big reasons to hope the long-awaited triple-motor NSX will finally show not only its production face, but the performance many enthusiasts have been clamoring for from Acura since the first-generation car.

NSX Concept Tallpaper

  • History (Often) Tells The Future:

The original NSX premiered at Goodwood in 1989, making this year exactly 25 years on from that Festival of Speed.

The NSX appeared at Goodwood in 1993.

Intro 1989 NSX with New NSX GIF

  • Word Choices:

Honda/Acura calls the Goodwood car a “Prototype” versus Concept I or Concept II, as it has been billed previously. This usually means pre-production version of the real, coming-soon-to-streets version.


  • Surprise Debuts Make The Biggest Splash:

Detroit 2014 saw the FT-1 debut as an unannounced but very welcome guest on the Cobo Hall stages.

Tail2 NSX new colors GIF

The production car’s details remain unconfirmed, of course.

Goodwood 2014 could simply be another incarnation of the long-shown concepts, or a dynamic debut of the concepts in real life (…outside the silly Iron Man film franchise.)

NSX Colors Tail1

Here’s hoping the NSX also makes a big splash in Ohio as well — where it will be built. That is a bit closer than England for this guy, at least!

NSX fans, keep your fingers crossed!


Until then… Let’s go color mad! Acura’s Facebook page has an amazing and really fun widget that lets anyone alter, save and share their customized NSX color.

Very fun.

Perhaps too much fun? Seen a few galleries down are 126 screenshots of our playtime in this supercar sandbox, along with the Goodwood announcement from Acura.

NSX Colors Nose Animation GIF FAST

NSX Powertrain — Sport Hybrid SH-AWD

Sport Hybrid SH-AWD GIF

NSX Colors Nose Animation GIF

NSX Interior


NSX Colors Pro2






Official Details from Honda and Acura below.


  • Innovative hybrid all-wheel drive supercar to enter production in 2015

  • Festival of Speed will showcase NSX’s advanced technologies, performance and handling


The ground-breaking NSX supercar, powered by an innovative three-motor Sport Hybrid Super Handling All-Wheel Drive (SH-AWD) system, and set for launch in 2015, will take centre stage at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed (27-29 June) when it takes on the world’s most famous hillclimb in front of a capacity crowd.

The Festival will provide visitors with a rare opportunity to see and hear the all-new version of a supercar whose forebears gained iconic status around the world.

The NSX has a long-standing relationship with the Festival of Speed. In 1993, at the time of the first Festival, a fleet of 10 NSX were showcased at Goodwood.

Launched in 1990, the original NSX was already known as a ground-breaking exotic car, delivering super performance and handling, without compromise in usability and ergonomics.

Driven by UK journalists, the 10 NSX made a thrilling impression on visitors to the first Festival of Speed.

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More than two decades have passed and the new NSX is making its return to Goodwood. It will again open the door for a new era of the Super Sports model and Honda sees the Festival as the perfect event to demonstrate its flagship supercar for the first time in Europe.

The new prototype will be joined on the famous hillclimb by a 1989 3.0-litre NSX, once driven by Ayrton Senna himself, and a 2005 3.2-litre, illustrating the original model’s rich history and development.

Honda’s stunning all-new NSX will rewrite the rulebook for high performance cars when it enters production next year with an innovative new three-motor hybrid powertrain, exotic looks and breathtaking performance.

The car will be powered by a mid-mounted, direct-injected next-generation longitudinally placed twin-turbo V6 engine mated to Honda’s Sport Hybrid SH-AWD® (Super Handling All-Wheel Drive) system.


Sport Hybrid SH-AWD® is an all-new, three-motor high-performance hybrid system that combines torque vectoring all-wheel drive with advanced hybrid efficiency through the use of three electric motors – one motor integrated with the V6 engine and its all-new dual-clutch transmission (DCT) driving the rear wheels, and two motors driving the front wheels.

The system enables instant delivery of negative or positive torque to the front wheels during cornering to achieve a new level of driving performance unparalleled by current AWD systems.

For anyone who loves the sight, the sound and the smell of racing and supercars, Goodwood’s three-day Festival is one of the greatest shows and the perfect platform for Honda to put the NSX prototype through its paces.

Intro 1989 NSX with New NSX GIF NSX Colors Nose Animation GIF header2Color and share your own on https://www.facebook.com/Acura/app_573862745964535