2016 Renault CLIO by WALDOW Performance – Smurfberry Blue Track Special

Any time the words “Smurf” and “Blue” make it into an official press release, it is usually good for a belly laugh.  We were seriously loving the color and black alloys, contrast-red rollbars and the slammed KW stance of this Clio already.  But then they go and mention the Smurfs.

And we’re back to feeling silly!

That laughing, delightful character is a big part of any Clio’s appeal.  This one just happens to be a battle-Smurf!  Deadly serious, regardless of its skin tone!

2016 Renault Clio by WALDOW Performance


WALDOW Performance reveals the Renault Clio 4 – The Real Fun Deal

Since the 1960’s Autohaus WALDOW in Rheinbach is a well-known authorized dealer
Renault, Dacia and Peugeot. Premium service and the finest expertise around four-wheeled mobility based on the concept “Mobile with sense and soul” are just some of the teams successful accomplishments. In addition, the WALDOW Performance Center has been established to develop individual conversion projects or complete vehicles in order to achieve a balanced compromise between everyday usage and exciting experience on the racing circuits.

Doubtless the Renault Clio generation IV is a fun-loving ride. The special edition R.S. EDC Trophy comes with 220 HP (=162kW) originally and 280 ft-lbs torque with
Overboost. Prior to the Clio’s first public presentation, the WALDOW Performance team put great effort into the extensions and conversions. The front spoiler and the Cup rear spoiler were modified, followed by an eye-catching Smurf-Blue vinyl wrap.

Sporty 17” alloy wheels with semi-slicks and a KW-Clubsport-suspension which includes adjustable rebound and compression stage providing outstanding grip and road feel. The track widening for the front- and rear-axle implements an even more spectacular look and the aluminum strut brace for the engine compartment promises improved drive
characteristics. The upgrade-kit by Brembo with steel flex lines and racing brake pads supplies optimal deceleration. As an additional protection feature a Club safety bar has been mounted inside. Even the interior is vastly improved: Recaro-Pole-
Position-racing-bucket-seats, 4-point-seat-belts from Schroth and a Alcantara steering wheel. Luckily every conversions received the unlimited approval by the TÜV.

WALDOW Performance Center carried out a remarkable adjustment to the sound and engine power as well. A water-cooling system joined the intercooler to keep up the thermal stability during slip stream rides. Optimized software and a NAP sport-exhaust with sound control contributes greater power increase. (The valve exhaust comes with a General Operating License/GOL) An altered turbocharger plus a downpipe and a sport-catalytic are currently being tested to gain more output boost. In order to achieve high quality standards and endurance, single components as well as complete vehicles have been tested on countless laps on the challenging racetrack, the Nürburgring.

The original price for the test vehicle amounts to 41.000,00 €. Inquiries for conversion estimates or complete vehicles can be found at the WALDOW Performance Center.

More detailed information about this car can be found at

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