Favorite Big-Boost Driving Videos – My Personal 2005 Subaru Legacy GT Wagon

“Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door.”

— R.W. Emerson

Leave it to a poet to summarize capitalism. So what was I doing for driving thrills before founding Car Revs Daily?

Took this quick video today while waiting for 80,000 images – seriously – to find their new homes. Broken links repaired next week, or simply add “-” dashes to the previous “carrevsdaily.com/” URLs.


I was doing just about the same things as today, but with less car variety. I was active in forums and receiving a similar zero-dollars paycheck for the efforts.

Hopefully the penny-pinched phase will change by August of 2014 with Car Revs Daily dethroning MotorTrend and TopGear as “…the best in the world…!”

Just kidding. We’re realistic about our goals: sustainable revenue to continue making car news, as a paying j-o-b versus the pittance paid to most other unknown auto writers.

It is a big ocean of auto news readers, and Car-Revs-Daily.com “can do it better.”


This is the official new URL. Sorry for the uprooting and all the broken links.

Trying to break out of a major mental funk with bad jokes and boost hiss. It is working. =]


Subaru Legacy Driving Videos- quarter mile country highway – Subaru Legacy GT – full throttle 5mph-100mph from BURKART on Vimeo.

My Flickr and Facebook friends were aware of only two passions from me between 2009 and 2011 or so: My LGT and travel adventures with family, friends and my dogs Drake and Tank.

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While my current video reviews are very inconsistent in terms of quality and watch-ability, they are an improvement from my last POV driving video style: where I did not narrate the action.

Abandoned Racetrack – Subaru Legacy GT – Lapping Hutchinson Island Gran Prix Road coarse from BURKART on Vimeo.


Without even some info to share, the videos can become very.. special interest.  Aka: very boring.

Turbo Boxer drifting, hitting rev-limiter, liftoff oversteer – Subaru Legacy GT loose gravel roads – Stinking Creek Tennessee from BURKART on Vimeo.

Unless you are into boxer turbocharged engines running an unwanted 30PSI of boost, that is! If you like turbo’s, please enjoy this handful of videos showing my Subaru getting a workout.249460_10100514332166097_5770100_n

Some random and old images of my LGT below.

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Subaru LEVORG Concept -0 CarRevsDaily.com GIF

I am trying to write a DIY for the head and taillights, but too bored with own car. On to the hottest NEW metal…


CarRevsDaily.com 2015 Legacy Animated GIF
CarRevsDaily.com 2015 Legacy Animated GIF