Travel Adventures — Breckenridge Int’l Snow Sculpting Competition To Hit 25th Anniv in 2015!

Breckenridge is by far my favorite mountain town, ski town, and Wild West favorite in general.

Breck Ice Sculptures GIF2

Vail up the road is a bit posher in the village, but the 1996-completed design is starting to feel pretty saccharine to some eyes.


Vail, above, is a Swiss chalet recreation, they said boldly with poured-concrete-everything.

Breck is a wood town. This was the original location of Gold found in Colorado, the the entire town therefore has a long, storied past.

Breck Ice Sculptures GIF3

It just feels nicer to me. Yes, you can spend $600 on jeans in both places. But the jeans from Breck will feel a little rougher and real.

Not like these beauties from the January 2012 competition! The scale is immense and intoxicating up close.

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The sculptures are so large that walking around, as they melt for two weeks, always brings a fresh… but fleeting… vantage point.


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Breck Ice Sculptures GIF1a