Rolls Royce stretches the definition of opulent luxury with 2021 Ghost Extended

September had little time to get into full gear when Rolls Royce took the cover off of the revamped 2021 Rolls Royce Ghost. The second generation Ghost promised to bring a higher level of sophistication, luxury, and technology to the “entry level” model in Roll’s bespoke lineup. Perhaps fittingly, Rolls execs chose the dying days of September to reveal the newest member of the Ghost family, the Ghost Extended.

As the name implies, the Ghost Extended is the extended wheelbase version of the Ghost, with the variant adding 6.7 inches to the length of the car. This extra length allows the otherworldly Rolls to have enhanced levels of rear legroom, with the Ghost Extended only being eclipsed in this regard by the even bigger Phantom Extended. Unlike other extended wheelbase models, Rolls Royce engineers did not want to sacrifice too much in terms of stage presence, so the only exterior giveaways here are the extended rear doors, and the lengthened apertures around the rear doors. Other than those minor tweaks, the Ghost retains its imposing profile, and the subtle ambiance generated by its bespoke green paint.

But the real substance of a Rolls Royce is what’s inside, and the Ghost Extended aims to please with its own suite of luxury touches. An immediate one is the “Serenity Seat” which is allegedly supposed to provide comfort that is equivalent to that seen on luxury business jet. That’s partially due to the supple leather cushioning, but it doesn’t hurt either that the extra floor space allows the lucky passengers to stretch out and relax. Things only get more bespoke from here, with a small refrigerator  tucked between the rear seats. Refrigerators in cars are nothing new, but how many fridges have you seen that have been developed with the help of a Master Sommelier? We rest our case. This unique tactic helped Rolls engineers learn about optimal serving temperatures for drinks, and inspired the creation of a two mode cooling system to accommodate current bottles, as well as a separate setting when you choose to indulge in the classics.

Like other Rolls Royce offerings, the Ghost Extended is underpinned by the firm’s “Architecture of Luxury” platform for pillow like ride quality, while the familiar twin-turbocharged 6.75 liter V12 still produces 563 horsepower and 627 lb-ft of torque for freight train-esque levels of grunt. An eight speed automatic still helps bring all of this power to the road through the rear wheels, and it’s very good at doing what it does.

Rolls Royce has not formally revealed how much it will cost to add a Ghost Extended to your garage, but with the base Ghost starting at $332,500 expect to pay a hefty premium for the privilege of having extra floor space and business jet aspiring rear seats.