2016 McLaren 570S Configurator Reveals MSO Easter Eggs + Guide to All Colors and Options!

McLaren Black Swan Wind Tunnel 570SThe McLaren 570S configurator is up – with nearly 75 option choices, numerous wheels and a dozen interior pre-selections to help you part with $180,000 the fast way!

Super-fast, in fact. The configurator’s last step actually reveals a bit of unknown info: the giant MSO carbon-fiber pieces that go way above and beyond the standard 20 exterior CF choices.

These three choices are a full carbon-fiber nose, full CF rear and exposed weave for the roof panel as well. These autoclaved CF upgrades are such gigantic pieces of the material, they are bound to reduce mass versus the standard alloy panel-work.

Let’s break the configurator into sections: including the variables for each.

But first: the result of all this #BlackSwanMoments teaser momentum: a beautiful black swan in the McLaren wind tunnel. McLaren Black Swan Wind Tunnel 570S 2

McLaren Black Swan Wind Tunnel 570S 17 McLaren Black Swan Wind Tunnel 570S 62016 McLaren 570S EXTERIOR COLORS

570s colors

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2016 McLaren 570S WHEELS

The 570S has three wheel choices, each with a bright, matte black or dark polished finish choices.2016 McLaren 570S Coupe Configurator COLORS 23-tile 2016 McLaren 570S Coupe Configurator Wheels

2016 McLaren 570S BRAKES

Carbon brakes are standard, but steel rotors are available as well. These are better for extreme weather climates or for heavy city traffic.

 2016 McLaren 570S Coupe Configurator Brakes


The exterior of the 570S has a dozen plus choices. The most critical is the Sports Exhaust choice.

The others are mostly choosing between standard painted grey and carbon-fiber for the detailing.

 2016 McLaren 570S Coupe Configurator Exterior


A wild custom choice can be tried, or McLaren has a dozen pre-set cabin designs from which to select. We love the camel and saddle leathers.

 570S interior2016 McLaren 570S Coupe Configurator COLORS 51-tile

2016 McLaren 570S ACCESSORIES

2016 McLaren 570S MSO OPTIONS

Build your own 570S over at the below link!