302HP 2015 GMC Canyon COLORS Guide

The 2015 GMC Canyon and Chevy Colorado are shaping up to be huge news in a stagnant segment: mid-size trucks.

Compact trucks? Not a “thing” anymore. Everybody who is anybody is going mid-size.

2015 GMC Canyon COLORS animation

As the Toyota Tacoma grew in size markedly to match the (long-gone; not missed) Dodge Dakota in size, others are quickly following suit. The next Nissan Frontier is debating various diesel engine options for a big revision for the 2016 model year, and even Ford is internally debating reviving the Ranger model for US sales.

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But the real news in this segment? Buyers are terminally bored with the offerings. Even the sales champ Tacoma struggles to bring much new flair to the table for 2015 — with the same engines and just a light infotainment refresh the only substantive changes since 2009 or before.

But even while the truck-use package of all these mid-size models is generally up-t0-par, we are rapidly closing in on a desire-based sales market for all segments of vehicles. Consumers know that no matter how sweet the deal sounds on the radio — they will be paying handsomely for any vehicle upgrade for years to come. Without meaningful improvements in every area, no one will even lift a click finger.

2015 GMC Canyon LED lighting fader animation

But without style that is a huge revolution of forward progress? Discounts will remain king until buyers actually **want** to buy and pay full price for the truck.

It is into this murky market that the GMC Canyon will storm in autumn of 2014 as a 2015 model year. A base four-cylinder delivers 194 horsepower, while the much-missed V6 option is back! 302-horsepower and all — the new Canyon not only looks all-new, it really is all-new from almost the six-lug wheels upward.

An eight-inch touchscreen takes the place of blanked-out switches, while the GMC will bring serious refinement advantages over the Chevy Colorado at nearly all price levels.

2015 GMC Canyon INTERIORS animation

This is a winning formula — only enhanced by the extremely handsome new GMC style outside.

Pricing remains unconfirmed, but will likely start from about $21,000 for the standard-cab trucks, and perhaps stretch into the mid-$30’s for a loaded SLT example like the ones shown in these pre-release images.



  • Overview

  • Models:   Canyon base, SLE and SLT, 2WD and 4WD

  • Body styles  extended and crew cab

  • Manufacturing location:   Wentzville, Mo.

  • Key competitors:   Toyota Tacoma, Nissan Frontier




2015 GMC Canyon COLORS animation


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