PAGANI HUAYRA Extreme Renderings — Plus Bugatti EB110 and SSC Tuatara

These are very photo-realistic 3D building blocks for designers. In fact, so good that the website greets you with this large caveat: these are not real!

TurboSquid 3D models PAGANI HUAYRA big2

While these might not live outside computer screens: they are some great ideas regardless.

Who would need these highly-detailed 3D maps of the entire car’s surface? Does this not infringe upon Pagani’s trademarked and copywritten designs with the EU Patent Office?



The answer to those questions is: we do not know for certain. Overall, these screenshots sampled here promote’s expertise — design renderings used for legal and ethical means. About Us

Welcome to TurboSquid, the world’s source for professional 3D models.

TurboSquid models are used by game developers, news agencies, architects, visual effects studios, advertisers, and creative professionals around the world. Whether you’re a 3D artist or not, you’ve probably seen TurboSquid models hundreds of times and didn’t know it – which is fine with us!

Our goal is to save artists the time of making a great model, and instead let them add their own personality to their creations. Our customers tell us they save 27 hours per model purchased, which can be a lifesaver in a time crunch.

TurboSquid’s secondary mission is to focus the creativity of artists around the world to continually improve our library of models, while helping the artists who supply those models build a career as professional 3D modelers.

In general, these are for use only for editorial and marketing purposes — coloring, angles, layouts, features highlights and such. Versus large-scale infringement, we presume. But this is a tricky area, without a doubt. The T&C’s of TurboSquid’s Editorial License are here.

Just Pagani? Oh no.

Eb110 GIF

2015 SSC Tuatara


Testa Rossa

TR GIF 2014-----03-21_175953-tile

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