2015 Mustang S302 By SALEEN Offers Up To 730HP Via Three Package Choices

SALEEN is returning to its core expertise in upgraded Mustangs – with a three-pack of 2015 S302 models now available to order. The choices are dubbed White Label, Yellow Label and Black Label — with the latter two offering supercharged engine options through the standard stick-shift or automatic transmissions. The pricing for the supercharged cars starts from $54,000 with the V8 putting out 730 horsepower. The top-flight Black Label S302 adds a significant $20,000 to the pricing, largely thanks to an extensive carbon-fiber exterior makeover, as seen below. The style changes are a mix of cool — like the giant …

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f-type r coupe awd

JAGUAR Confirms AWD F-Type + New Bloodhound SSC Partnership

  We *love* the F-Type R Coupe after some time at the wheel last month — and are happy to share that this range-topper will now offer AWD traction. Truly a stunning machine with the best soundtrack since………  Top Gun? I dont know about that, but Jaguar also announced a partnership with the very-boring-indeed Bloodhound SSC world record project that has not delivered a single actual run in seven years. We are so sick of reading about Bloodhound that we even tweeted to the SSC crew that it was starting to seem like vaporware. But things are progressing, and the …

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SSC Tuatara colors GIF header

100 Color Renders of SSC Tuatara – Paint Test Proves Brilliance of Castriota Design

I really hope the news from this morning about SSC’s Tuatara being delayed indefinitely is not true. I really believe in this car, especially its design. Penned by Jason Castriota, it is simply breathtaking, timeless, unique and inspiring. But is it just that silvery white paint whipping me into a frenzy? Lord knows I love white cars these days. So to find out, we took to the Car-Revs-Daily.com exclusive “Candy Paint Shop” to render the Tuatara in as many lurid hues as possible. The results are below. Yes, it definitely passes the test color of also looking good in color…. …

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SSC Tuatara Header GIF1

1350HP SSC Tuatara Delayed As Company Goes Radio-Silent

The SSC Tuatara is gorgeous and inspiring to behold – even from afar – as the epitome of lurid hypercar vision made real. The Tuatara packs all the right swoops, wings and curves to make the company into something big. Something to add sex appeal to the fast/ugly Ultimate Aero XT. As it stands, the Ultimate Aero XT is the only model offered for sale by SSC to date, and has been the drivetrain testing mule for the Tuatara.     The hypercar business is extremely difficult, however, and takes the typical startup odds of failure and jacks the pressure …

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TurboSquid Header GIF

PAGANI HUAYRA Extreme Renderings — Plus Bugatti EB110 and SSC Tuatara

These are very photo-realistic 3D building blocks for designers. In fact, so good that the website greets you with this large caveat: these are not real! While these might not live outside computer screens: they are some great ideas regardless. Who would need these highly-detailed 3D maps of the entire car’s surface? Does this not infringe upon Pagani’s trademarked and copywritten designs with the EU Patent Office?   The answer to those questions is: we do not know for certain. Overall, these screenshots sampled here promote TurboSquid.com’s expertise — design renderings used for legal and ethical means. TurboSquid.com About Us …

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Best of 2013 Awards – New Exotic Car – W Motors Lykan HyperSport

W Motors is such an exciting success story – it must win the Best of 2013 Award for these  achievements. From the outside world, a new hypercar from a country without automotive expertise is laughable. Even coming close to the levels set by Pagani, Ferrari, Porsche and McLaren is virtually impossible for any new company. At the very least: most of the promises from any new exotic car brand are (very) exaggerated. This spirals development costs out of control, leading to: – insolvency from lack of capital to invest – at the very least, huge delays and unhappy deposit-makers   …

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