Helicat22 At Miami Boat Show Seems to Best of All Worlds -- Twin-Engine Catamaran is FAST -- Even In Rough Waters 10

Helicat22 At Miami Boat Show — Twin-Engine Catamaran is Cool and FAST — Even In Very Rough Seas

Most of the boats and yachts in the world employ a single-hull design, with the classic shape offering merits via the huge enclosed living space they can provide. But every bit of hull displacement becomes extra problematic over rough waters. These videos show: a wakeboarding trial with the red Helicat22 a rough-water scenario at speed. Watching some of the bone-jarring impacts suffered by James May and the TopGear team over the years is proof enough — and reason enough — to slow down to a crawl in any rough seas. But how un-fun is going slowly in a fast car?  …

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2014 Porsche 911 Targa4 and Targa4S - Roof Animations of 400HP Surf 'n Turf Supercar 3

2014 Porsche 911 Targa4 and Targa4S – Roof Animations of 400HP Surf ‘n Turf Supercar

Any readers recall the flip-book from Mitsubishi when launching the 3000GT Spyder in 1995? Such a simple idea: 100 pages of roof in sequence while retracting. But that little red flipbook made the 3000GT Spyder the star of the year’s auto shows. If there were ever a car whose features would benefit from a CarRevsDaily animation, it must be the new 911 Targa. The 911 Targa and Porsche’s 360-degree spinners are perfect inspirations for a modern-day “moving picture” of the Targa’s showpiece. Far more than just the elaborate moonroof of the most recent previous-gen Targa models — this is a …

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2014 CLS45 AMG

Race Start Video: 2014 CLA45 AMG Shows Impressive Launch Drama + 4.5s to 60mph

Mercedes-Benz is evolving its marketing and product positioning drastically. Executive rumblings from a few years ago indicated the brand was making serious changes to lower its perceived demographic – but it all just seemed like lip service at the time. Well, the arrival of the CLA-Class surely confirms that they were very serious. Serious… about getting playful. The CLA is launching in the American market as the front-drive CLA250 and the all-wheel-drive CLA45 AMG. Both run a highly advanced new platform, engine, transmission and electronic architecture. What perhaps previously took 0.002 milliseconds to transfer info from rear ABS sensors on …

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