Rolls Royce Patent Registration Might Reveal Droptop Sequel To Sweptail:

When Rolls Royce first unveiled the one-off Sweptail to the world, it immediately set the world ablaze with its seductive styling and a roof line that appeared to draw inspiration from past Rolls Royce offerings. However, a new patent registration appears to suggest that the Goodwood based luxury car maker is preparing a droptop sequel that could indeed make lighting strike twice. First discovered by the folks at Coche Spias the roof of the mysterious Rolls Royce model is arguably its most distinctive attribute. The renderings themselves don’t give us a clear idea on what kind of top will be equipped, with …

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Google Giggle: Latest Automotive Patent Is Human Cow-Catcher – By Carl Malek

During the course of automotive history  there have been many advances in safety technology with the bulk of these systems focused on protecting occupants inside an automobile. However, a new patent recently filed by Google flips the script, and takes a novel approach to pedestrian safety. Whereas some automakers have equipped their offerings with pedestrian protection systems, Google’s approach would allow pedestrians to literally stick to the car in the event of an impact. At first glance the idea seems ahead of its time with Google’s giggle producing patent photos not helping matters, but a closer look reveals that there …

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3.7s, 585HP 2016 Mercedes-AMG S63 4Matic Cabriolet Edition 130 Is Ultimate Patent Wagen!

Upon driving or even seeing the new S63 AMG cabrio, few would need much of a special reason to celebrate it!  The machine is gorgeous, plush and rapid like no other full-size cabrio in ages. Mercedes-AMG is upping the glam on this highest-fashion machine with an Edition 130 model with unique details at the 2016 Detroit auto show. We’ve come a long way from the original Benz patent wagen: this new S63 4Matic Cabriolet delivers a ravishing 0-100-kph run in just 3.9-seconds.  Quite a way to travel! 2016 Mercedes-AMG S63 4Matic Cabriolet Edition 130 Mercedes-AMG S 63 4MATIC Cabriolet “Edition 130”: …

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