2025 Ram 1500 REV Shatters Expectations. 500 Mile Range and 654 Horsepower Setup Change The Game

When we first saw the 2025 Ram REV (aka Ram Revolution) it was during the Super Bowl and other than a few fleeting glimpses of the truck, we didn’t get to learn too many details about the technology lurking under the skin. Ram has delivered the goods and used the 2023 New York Auto Show to formally reveal the 2025 Ram 1500 REV and shatter what we should expect from a BEV pickup in the process.   Ram 1500 REV Is Capable of Going How Far? Before we get into the other details that define the Ram 1500 REV we …

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Genesis GV80 Coupe Concept Adds Sportiness And Flair To Brand, Production Bound

Genesis is once again helping to kick off the New York Auto Show with the unveiling of the GV80 Coupe Concept which brings Genesis into the world of SUV coupes where style and performance are added into the default luxury blueprint. Unlike other concepts we have seen from Genesis though, this one is earmarked for production and looks ready to bring the fight to BMW and Mercedes-Benz   Vivid Orange Paint Highlights GV80 Coupe Concept Styling The GV80 Coupe Concept (at least on the surface,) appears to be very similar to the standard GV80. However, the front grille gets new …

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Lincoln Ups Luxury Ante With All New Corsair

When we last saw the 2020 Lincoln Corsair, it was via a heavily veiled teaser video that revealed the new moniker, but not much else. This time around, Lincoln has let the wraps come off its MKC replacement, and folks will certainly be in for a treat when it eventually makes its way to showrooms. Buyers looking for a radical change will find plenty to talk about, with the exterior styling leading the way. The front fascia is much more cohesive than before, and the bulk of the design takes a significant amount of inspiration from its bigger stablemates the …

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Toyota Extends Hatchback Magic To Yaris Subcompact for 2020 Model Year

When Toyota recently launched the Corolla hatchback, we were pleased to see that the Japanese auto giant was still willing to give U.S. buyers a chance to own a tidy five door amid the relentless tidal wave of CUV and SUV demand that has already swallowed up other hatchback entries like the Focus and Fiesta. With the Corolla doing well in sales, Toyota has decided to extend the love to the smaller Yaris sedan, and has gifted the Mazda infused subcompact a hatchback variant of its own for 2020. Unlike the Corolla hatchback, the smaller Yaris is essentially a reskinned …

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Radical Overhaul, Technology Infusion Define 2020 Ford Escape

Ford’s Escape CUV has always been a reliable soldier for the Blue Oval since its debut in the early 2000s. While it might not have the icon status that its bigger stablemate the Explorer has, there’s no denying that the Escape is a powerful force when it comes to re-enforcing Ford bottom line sales. With the 2018-2019 Escape creating a very lofty set of shoes (and sales) to fill, Ford pulled out all the stops to make sure the 2020 version can maintain its winning ways. The exterior styling of the 2020 Escape will arguably be the first thing that …

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Hyundai Teases Venue Compact CUV Ahead of Big Apple Debut

Typically when an automaker unveils an important model, they usually pick the perfect venue to help give it maximum impact and appeal. The New York Auto Show is no exception, but in the case of Hyundai, the Korean automaker has decided to flip the script, and has formally begun teasing a new small compact CUV that will make its debut in the Big Apple.   Taking inspiration (perhaps a bit too literally) from the venue it will be debuting in, the new model (dubbed the Venue) will be the smallest Hyundai utility offering, and it will be positioned below the …

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Cadillac Unveils CT5 Sedan, Replaces CTS and ATS In Sedan Lineup

Ahead of its debut at the 2019 New York Auto Show, Cadillac has formally unveiled the 2020 CT5 sedan online, with the new model showing how commited Cadillac really is to simplifying its sedan lineup in the wake of increasing CUV demand. This step towards simplifying the lineup means that the CT5 will resurrect its role as a tweener offering for buyers, with the car replacing both the 3-Series sized ATS sedan, as well as the bigger CTS, which also initally performed this same duty when the second generation version first debuted back in 2008. We are still scratching our …

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Hyundai Unveils Radically Redesigned 2020 Sonata Sedan Ahead of New York Auto Show Debut

When Hyundai first unveiled the sixth generation Sonata several years ago, it was immediately apparent that this new sedan was willing to take risks, and go places where its bland and drab predecessor was just unwilling to go. The rest of the industry noticed, and immediately did a double take when they saw just how far the Sonata was willing to go to try and woo over buyers that might have otherwise walked into the nearby Toyota or Honda dealer to buy benchmarks like the Camry and the Accord. However, like a one hit wonder that fails to solidify their …

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Lincoln Aviator Unveiled, Brings Host Of Surprises To New York

It’s no secret that Lincoln needed a clutch play to save its bottom line in the CUV segment. Wheras the Navigator SUV has been a strong seller for Lincoln since its ground up redesign, the aging MKT has pretty much gathered dust, with current sales tepid at best. The luxury brand has revealed its hand with an all new Aviator SUV, which will make its grand debut at the New York Auto Show, and follow up on the newly renamed Lincoln Nautilus in a leather lined one two punch. Wheras the original Aviator had exterior styling that made it look …

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Jaguar Unveils Fire Breathing 550 Horsepower F-Pace SVR [Video]

When Jaguar first unveiled the F-Pace back in 2016 at the New York Auto Show, the SUV proved to be a winner for Jaguar, both in terms of style, as well as awards with the SUV picking up several awards while out on the auto show circuit. However, the world wondered what would happen if the F-Pace was given the claws to back up its svelte looks? Thankfully, the folks at Jaguar’s SVR division have answered this compelling question, and unveiled their latest diabolical performance offering, the 2019 Jaguar F-Pace SVR. Wheras the standard F-Pace is a V6 exclusive affair, …

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2019 Subaru Forester Teased Ahead Of New York Debut

Subaru’s Forester CUV has become a key cog in the Japanese firm’s plans for sales dominance in recent years. Naturally, this high degree of popularity means that Subaru engineers had a very slim margin of error when they were creating the 2019 Subaru Forester. The trickle of teaser images the company has released has not revealed too much about their efforts, but the latest image does provide a glimpse into its all new tailgate. A key change is the pincer shaped rear taillight which is a cue carried over from the Viziv series of concept cars. The daylight setting of …

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2019 Honda Insight Hybrid Revealed, Brings 55 MPG And Refinement To Hybrid Sedan Ranks

When we last met the 2019 Honda Insight in Detroit, it was in prototype form, and it offered a glimpse of the Japanese auto giant’s future plans for the Insight nameplate. With the New York Auto Show fast approaching, Honda has taken the veil off of the production version of the Insight ahead of its Big Apple debut. The basic styling language of the 2019 Insight is largely reminiscent of the prototype’s albeit with the bulk of the changes taking place at the front end. Here, the car borrows a number of cues from several Honda models including the “flying …

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Cadillac Reinvents Itself With All New CT6, V-Sport Packs 626 lb-ft of Torque

With Cadillac still tackling issues with long term sales growth, and a lineup lacking strong CUV presence, the brand needed to prove it was not down for the count. If the 2019 CT6 is to be believed, there is still plenty of vigor left in the iconic luxury car maker.   The 2019 CT6 debuts a new trim strategy (more on that later,) but the exterior enhancements might not standout at first glance, especially if one views the car head on. It takes a look sideways to fully see the strong emphasis on three dimensional elements present here. Thinner headlights and …

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2015 Rolls-Royce WRAITH Inspired by Film Special Edition 4-tile

2015 Rolls-Royce WRAITH Inspired by Film Edition Celebrates Frozen Moment BFI Inductee

    When a 2-minute launch movie for a car is inducted into the British Film Institute National Archive, you know it must be something special. Both the car and those magical two minutes of cinema are indeed quite special, breathtaking and goose-bump-inducing. The premise of the film ‘And the World Stood Still’ is a man piloting his Wraith through an enchanted, steaming forest when he comes across the living incarnation of the Spirit of Ecstasy badge. For one fleeting, frozen moment, the two have an ethereal bond that is at once serene, lust-filled and slightly fraught with danger. Thematically, the film shows …

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Best of Awards – 2015 INFINITI Q70S and LWB Q70L Win Best Design Refresh

Best Facelift? That is not a category many would aspire to win. Certainly not Argentina’s embattled President, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, who sulked mightily in the corner of the McLaren P1 GTR launch event on Friday in Pebble Beach. But for many luxury sedans, a great facelift can be the breath of life they need to earn new buyers and keep previous loyal owners happy at the same time. 2013’s best luxury sedan facelift would certainly go to the Mercedes-Benz E350 — a car so new-feeling that its sales have jumped mightily, but so carry-over that it is almost hard …

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2015 Q70L GIF header

LWB Q70L Glides Into Place! 2015 INFINITI Q70 3.7 and 5.6 Are DEFT Punk – Smarter, Better, Faster, Stronger

Deft Punk? Do I not meant Daft Punk? With my ridiculous series of errors yesterday — thinking the new QX70 SUV was arriving today versus the Q70 sedan, spending time in the Photoshop to render a possible QX70L, publishing said renderings… — I would be skeptical of my accuracy at the moment as well. In fact, I am a harsh critic of myself already. For this reason, I am eager to share the official Q70 and Q70L for 2015 here just moments after the release arrived in my inbox! Overall, it is a light nip/tuck but effective at updating the …

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2015 Nissan Murano Brings a Hypercar-inspired Restyle! Flowing Surfaces Accented With Macho Wheel Flares and Low Roof

The new 2015 Murano is here and looking very stylish! It wears a very similar style to that previewed by the Detroit 2014 Sport Sedan Concept — but where the car-like forms of the Maxima are soft, the Murano’s are much crisper and more masculine. Another distinction? This is the real deal. Not a concept. The Murano will make its public debut on Wednesday in New York before hitting showrooms in November of 2014. Favorite angles abound on this five-seat crossover — from the “outta my way” nose aggressiveness, to the blacked-out pillar treatment for the floating roof, to my …

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My Ford #INAMUSTANG Contest Entry — GT350R Goes Flat-Out Around LeMans, Fuji and Monaco

This is a draft for what we hope will be a very memorable entry into the #INAMUSTANG challenge — where-in the best ideas will be made into short films. For me, the prize might even be a media invite to some upcoming Mustang events. April 17th is the big anniversary of the original launch at the 1964 New York Auto Show, so things are likely pretty near on the horizon. Ideally, these ideas would utilize a 2015 Mustang as the basis instead of the NeedForSpeed car shown here. The inspiration, of course, is Charlie Webb’s $984,000 1965 Mustang GT350R. Even …

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