Hyundai Teases Venue Compact CUV Ahead of Big Apple Debut

Typically when an automaker unveils an important model, they usually pick the perfect venue to help give it maximum impact and appeal. The New York Auto Show is no exception, but in the case of Hyundai, the Korean automaker has decided to flip the script, and has formally begun teasing a new small compact CUV that will make its debut in the Big Apple.


Taking inspiration (perhaps a bit too literally) from the venue it will be debuting in, the new model (dubbed the Venue) will be the smallest Hyundai utility offering, and it will be positioned below the Kona. This will not only help Hyundai fill a void in its utility arsenal, but it is also a big deal since the Venue will be one of the first entries to compete in a portion of the CUV segment that is booming in Europe, but has so far not grown much in the U.S. This is partially due to many automakers shying away from small vehicles due to their claims of them not making enough money for the long haul as well as perceived low demand from consumers. Hyundai (a true newcomer to this compact segment) thinks it has solved this puzzle however, and claims that the Venue will have the tools needed to gather a dedicated audience of buyers when it eventually arrives in showrooms.


Hyundai for its credit has kept the bulk of the Venue’s styling under wraps, but the company has unveiled three teaser images to drive home the point of the Venue’s existence. The first is a shot of the rear hatch which shows the rear lettering, as well as an interesting crease that could indicate that the Venue has a high degree of style to go with its compact dimensions. The second image shows a group of people having fun at a rooftop party, and the final image shows a crowd gathered on busy Smith Street in the Chinatown district of Singapore. Admittedly the last two images don’t reveal too much in terms of the actual car, but the inner themes on display here ( celebration, excitement, and the perfect gathering space) could hint at some of the personality that will be baked into the Venue.


The name of the Venue also breaks a recent geography themed trend in Hyundai’s naming portfolio, with the firm claiming that it intentionally went in a different path to try and avoid weaving more geography into its overall portfolio. “Hyundai’s naming theme for CUVs has typically been a city or place. Venue embodies the characteristics of ‘the place to be’, en route to the final destination, wherever that may be.”


Look for the Venue to make its official debut at the 2019 New York Auto Show in April where the full details surrounding this special CUV will be made known. We also look forward to seeing more glimpses of its exterior styling to see if some of the Kona’s “Urban Battle Armor” themed design elements will waft their way to the smaller Venue. It’s no secret that we are big fans of this particular design language, and it would help give the Venue a welcome dose of excitement and aggression. Pricing is also expected to be on par with some of its global competition, with the Venue possibly having a base price of about $18,000 when it makes its way to Hyundai showrooms.