Morgan Shelves V8 Engine, Teases The Future In New Teaser Video [Video]

It is not too often that we hear from our friends at Morgan. The bespoke British sports car maker has won over our hearts with their unique and iconic interpretation of what a proper British sports car should be. However, even Morgan has to occasionally adapt to the ever changing marketplace, and it has done so by ditching the V8 engine for good, and preparing a bold surprise for a future generation of Morgan enthusiasts (this eager author included.) While the outgoing Plus 8 and Aero 8 models are the only two V8 Morgan models in the stable for right …

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Morgan Announces End Of Aero 8 Production, Teases Limited Edition GT Model [Video]

  It’s not too often we get a new model offering from our friends at Morgan, but the bespoke British automaker has revealed that it is drawing the final curtain on its Aero 8 Roadster, but not before it unleashes one last special edition model for eager Morgan enthusiasts (this author included.) Dubbed the GT, this special model draws a lot of its inspiration from the company’s extensive experience in GT3 racing, and it certainly looks the part, thanks to a number of styling revisions. A key one is new bodywork that is designed to reduce drag, and increase downforce …

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