Hyundai Puts Hydrogen Program On Ice, Cites Hurdles And Marketability [Update]

Hydrogen fuel cell technology has always existed as an outlier when compared with the traditional EV technology that has rapidly become more prominent in recent years. Despite this, several automakers still championed the technology. However, hydrogen has just lost a key supporter, with Hyundai revealing that it has frozen all development into its hydrogen-electric powertrains.   Feasibility And Hurdles Dogged Hyundai Program The news comes from a report that was published by the South Korean publication Chosunbiz who revealed that execs pulled the plug after seeing the results of a feasibility study. Hyundai’s South Korea offices have so far not …

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Hyundai Teases “Hydrogen Wave” Sports Car, Promises Seven More Entries

With the bulk of the automotive world focused on traditional electrification, it can be easy to forget that some firms are still studying the feasibility of hydrogen and hydrogen fuel cells. Hyundai is perhaps one of the biggest supporters of Hydrogen, and the Korean car giant has revealed that it has taken the next step by teasing the all-new Hydrogen Wave sports car and some future plans too.   Hydrogen Wave To Define Clean Performance The sports car in question is tentatively called the “Hydrogen Wave,” While we doubt that this name will stick around for production, the vehicle itself …

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2016 Pininfarina H2 Speed – Monaco Palace Intro to EV Champion Prince Albert

The stunning Pininfarina H2 Speed just scored one of the highest honors in automobiledom: a royal invite to the palace of Monaco! HSH Prince Albert was the honorable host for this glittery and exclusive look at a 503-horsepower exotic that runs on pure hydrogen.  It combines the massive thrust of eAWD via potent electric motors, plus the rapid-refill potential of hydrogen.  Not quite an open-road dream versus gasoline’s ubiquitous availability, but the H2 Speed does show promise for an all-day blast around a racetrack.  This is something that no full EV can promise, as their batteries go dead in about an hour …

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2016 Audi h-Tron Quattro Concept 27

2016 Audi h-Tron Quattro Concept – Hypercomplex Tech Showcase Headed for Sale as $100k Tesla Rival as 2018 Q6

Audi’s big news for the Detroit show?  The new 2017 A4 and Q7 — which are set for arrivals to US showrooms in the next few months. Alongside those dull-looking production cars come massive cabin tech enhancements, efficiency boosts and all-new powertrains. A bit more exciting on the appearance front?  This new h-Tron Quattro Concept. Roughly previewing the size of an upcoming Q6 crossover, this latest prototype shows a production-intent hydrogen-electric SUV.  And boy is is complex: multiple tanks of hydrogen power advanced electrics for a range of nearly 400 miles, a 0-60-mph sprint under 7-seconds, and AWD grip just …

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2015 Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo 7

2015 Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo is Yuppy-Chic Hydrogen PHEV

Tokyo has long been the global auto show to see some weird, wild and wacky stuff. Futuristic dreams on four wheels, usually with brightly lit color-schemes and adaptive video screens to boot. The show this year is still tech-rich, but a bit more somber than previous years. A firm production focus appears to be the concept-car focus so far. But here glides in an unlikely hero for wild and crazy concept cars, none other than Mercedes-Benz!? The Vision Tokyo is a funky style wagon aimed at chic yuppies stuck in traffic. As opposed to chic oldies in the back of …

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