WIMMER RST 2015 KTM X-Bow Dubai Gold Edition 3

WIMMER RST Creates One-Off 2015 KTM X-Bow Dubai Gold Edition

    The KTM X-Bow still has a massive amount of potential: this carbon-fiber speedster layout is likely to be the next big format for track cars over the coming decades. Retiring the floppy old chassis rails of Caterhams is not an instant hit, though. It turns out some of the driving fun and pleasure may have been derived from all that flex under your bum around fast corners. So the X-Bow (said: ‘crossbow’) has an uphill climb to win over purists. To the uninitated, the KTM X-Bow can feel too anodyne, too sure-footed and too grippy for traditional UK …

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BMW 550i By Fostla

BMW 550i By Fostla.de Is Wrapped, Uncapped and Remapped to 570HP Bliss

  The stock BMW 5 series has all the makings of an amazing sports sedan – one with outstanding performance, luxury and room inside for every situation. But from the factory, even the 550i M Sport lacks a bit of visual aggression. How to better project its unique performance cred on the outside? Fostla.de not only wrapped this F10 in a subtle satin-finish “grey olive matte metallic” foil, color-matches the new 21-inch Yido wheels, and accents the design with another shade of bright tan. The foil wrap delivers real visual punch by being subtle and also quite special and flashy …

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Cut48 SLR gif header1

Cut48.de Adds Gloss to McLaren-Mercedes SLR With True Blue Foil Wrap

All these sexy car wraps on amazing German supercars is making me want to wrap my own Subie back home in America! A nice gloss white?! Martini Racing stripes? Stay tuned… Until then, you will not believe how fresh and sexy the McLaren-Mercedes SLR looks with this lovely blue foil wrap from Cut48 Premium Car Wraps. The gloss black wheels and lower trims really make the selected color pop out from the page. Looking at the car as new, its proportions and huge power really are visible once again — after years of silver paint made the SLR curb appeal …

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2M Designs GUMPERT APOLLO S gif1

2M Designs Shows Mad Skills Via Mirror Foil Wrap on the Gumpert Apollo S

Wraps are hard to apply flawlessly on a normal car, let alone a hypercar. But a hypercar like the Gumpert Apollo S — with its surfaces bending at wild angles and air vents everywhere? This would be a seriously daunting task for any car customs shop. 2M Designs of Germany really shows its expertise with this project. The results are breathtaking, with a mirror-like finish that almost no paint can achieve. The buyer’s chosen theme was to tie in to the Iron Man movies – but since they are basically unwatchable, I do not know what aspect of the film …

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Bugatti Veyron Lightning Wrap by CAM SHAFT for Gemballa GIF

Bugatti Veyron Lightning Wrap by CAM SHAFT for Gemballa

Of all the various custom Veyrons – none wear quite as dramatic a shell as this one for Gemballa Racing! While Gemballa is moving forward with a new website and new distribution for its tuning and limited-edition cars, the Gemballa Racing effort itself appears to be shelved at this point in time. No matter – the Veyron in this custom blue lightning foil wrap from CAM SHAFT is still a fine showpiece for the company. And can you blame them for not taking this beauty into a real race? Even a slight bump would be very costly to sort out… …

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Martini-style Racing Livery by CAM SHAFT for the Porsche 911 GT3  GIF header1

Germany Is Mad for Car Wraps! Martini-style Racing Livery by CAM SHAFT for the Porsche 911 GT3

It is automotive wrap fest today! These Cam Shaft customs are very eye-popping. They bring some favorite and iconic racing liveries to life on Porsche 911s in a very well-executed way. The funny thing about Gulf colors, in particular, is a joke I heard while visiting the GT40 factory of Superformance Olhoff Racing in April. They quipped, “We have made more Gulf GT40’s than Gulf ever did!” Thanks to the latest tech in wrapping, a two-color paintwork effect is no longer the perview of Wraith of Maybach customers. It was previously so expensive and exclusive because it meant the car …

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fostla cls gif

FOSTLA.de Foliation Designs A Wild Mercedes-Benz CLS in Metallic Gold Matte

FOSTLA.de Foliation Designs A Wild Mercedes-Benz CLS in Metallic Gold Matte Learned a new word today… foliation Definition: the art of foil wrapping a surface, object or cherished Mercedes-Benz CLS. Etym: new Engdeutsch. The below description and intro for Fostla.de’s Porsche GT3 certainly applies to this incredibly intense CLS. It is on air-ride lowering springs and has a few other customizations noted below — but by far the most mind-warping element is the Bond Gold Matte Metallic wrap by Fostla. This is paired very tastefully with tinted lamps and a red accent bar in the fascias front and rear. The …

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fostla gt3 gif

FOSTLA.de Shows Artful Porsche 911 GT3 Foil Wrap Design and Execution

In the old days, changing a car’s color was only possible in one method: a full respray. This is not a good route for high-performance and high-dollar luxury machines for many reasons. Most of which comes down to the quality of body-shop paint versus factory paint. We have all seen a sad repainted car a few years last – dull, fading on the roof and hood from the sun, and sometimes even with bits of the original color shining through the poor-quality paintjob. In addition, much of the exterior on the car has to be disassembled to do a paintjob …

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Car Gift Ideas: TechArt Shows Impressive Porsche Customs in 2014 Calendar

TechArt is rapidly becoming the most stylish of the high-dollar European customization houses. Orig Published on: Nov 27, 2013 @ 14:36 Who doesn’t love a Cayenne, Panamera, Boxster or Cayman that looks track-ready and wears LED lighting from 2016 or beyond? The personalization options from TechArt  are almost limitless. There are more than 40 styles of steering wheels from which to select, for example. Most products are sold individually, but the jaw-dropping full model makeovers really show the depth of TechArt’s work outside, inside, and under the hoods of these Porsche’s. Taste is highly subjective, but be sure: these TechArt …

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2014 Silverado 1500 LT - 7 Styles of 22-in Wheels21

2014 Silverado 1500 LT Nighttime Headlight Photos + 7 Styles of 22-in Wheels Just $3k Extra

Some photos slipped through the cracks from the recent Silverado All-Star Edition which spent the blizzard here. They are night-time images of the LT spec, which includes just standard halogens for the low beams and optional halogen fogs down below.     The light output is very good in the low-beams and foglamps setting, but not quite at xenon levels with the brights on.   Like many classic Chevy trucks, the lighting elements are split: low beams on top, high beams below. Very comforting and familiar, but refreshed with better blinkers.   Also included here is a selection of the …

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