Want to be an Auto Journalist? Special Contributors, Snappers and Reviewers Needed

We are looking for a few new contributors to join the five-man team here at Car-Revs-Daily.com. Writing and producing automotive news content is AWESOME — but breaking through and being published anywhere is not easy. The best way to become a top auto journalist is to just start doing it.   Become a published auto writer via Car-Revs-Daily.com. If you are a photographer, writer, car-nut, traveler — we want to hear from you.  Catch your dream and start publishing your coolest photos, articles, and adventures!   Custom cars, motorcycles, trucks and planes are all fair game.  Military vehicles and boats?  Sounds good too. …

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Status Update – Site Language Translation Is All-New and Actually Works – Yay!

Hey guys, Quick status update: there is a new translation functionality on the site after a brief outage of the other service. The new one is really easy, quick and appears to be pretty accurate in its interpretations and translations. There are two ways to pick your language preference: the mid-right sidebar that is labelled “Google Translate” or there is a floating element in orange at the bottom right with a ‘Translate” icon Once a language is selected, the little bar on the top of the page will note the progress of translating the whole page. There are 170 languages …

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Writers Wanted! Bikes, Cars, Trucks, Boats, Planes, Trains… The Mechanized World Is Your Oyester

New Car Website Seeking WRITERS! On this new site, we are looking for writers with motivation, passion about cars that borders on the insane, and professional degrees. Writing and producing automotive news content is AWESOME. But it is also a job in the traditional “exhausting” sense. A demanding one that takes skills, might cause chills, and …. eventually might even pay the bills. Is it a “paying” job? Ummm…. For the time being, special contributors will be compensated only by the glory of seeing their car opinions and insights as published articles. There is no budget to even pay myself …

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Some Sweet Status Updates — Our New FB Page Hits 1,280 Likes in Week Two!

The new Facebook page is a hit! Welcome, cherished car-news readers! We hope you’ll enjoy this unique web experience, with as few glitches and clicks as possible to devour a news article in 5-min or less. But do not be surprised if you are shocked by my words at times…. or shocked into laughter! The goal here is to make Car-Revs-Daily.com a fun environment for every kind of car news…. in the world! Agenda Items: — Our new Facebook page is exploding with growth! Please head over to ‘Like’ the page, which will then plop the freshest, maddest and coolest …

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Editor’s Note: Facebook Page + Contact Info Update Tom (at) Car-Revs-Daily.com

Hey guys! Well, things are starting to get very busy around here at Car-Revs-Daily. In a *great* way! Our traffic is skyrocketing, and a new ad format called Background Canvas will go live in the next few weeks. A few big updates, however: — New!  A Facebook page for Car-Revs-Daily.com: I would really appreciate a quick like from readers on this. It will help grow the audience in general. Thanks in advance. — New!   A work email for Tom@Car-Revs-Daily.com   You can now email me directly via this link, which we will add to various other new Contact areas on …

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