Editor’s Note: Facebook Page + Contact Info Update Tom (at) Car-Revs-Daily.com

Hey guys!

Well, things are starting to get very busy around here at Car-Revs-Daily. In a *great* way!

Our traffic is skyrocketing, and a new ad format called Background Canvas will go live in the next few weeks.

A few big updates, however:

New!  A Facebook page for Car-Revs-Daily.com: I would really appreciate a quick like from readers on this.

It will help grow the audience in general. Thanks in advance.

BMW M4 Animation GIF2014 Corvette Stingray IVERS Prototype GIF2

— New!   A work email for Tom@Car-Revs-Daily.com


You can now email me directly via this link, which we will add to various other new Contact areas on the site.


— Comments?  Debating whether to add a comments functionality. It is leaning toward “No.”

I care what you guys think, but comments are a PITA on a spam and time-suck basis.

— New user survey/Poll Coming soon —- do you guys prefer when images open directly to media file, or attachment page, or … some other form of photo slideshow?


I prefer it if the media file opens directly in new window, and have been migrating most of the articles to this new setup.


— Apologies if any previous article images are still missing or not loading right on their ‘attachment pages.’

We are working on a fix, but it is… easier said than done.




Having fun right now with the site as the Founder/EIC. Hopefully you are too as my Charter Readers!  (Prize or honors ceremony possible in future for those of you who found Car-Revs-Daily.com before the top of the bell curve….