Ege Argüden 2035 Aston Martin AMR-AP LeMans Racer 12

Design Talent Showcase – Ege Arguden 2035 Aston Martin AMR-AP LeMans Racer

This design study by emerging automotive design all-star Ege Arguden is a fascinating look into the future of endurance racing. With ‘air power’ that compresses oxygen and converts it to wheel thrust, this future-tech racecar has many interesting facets to study even today. Versus contemporary Aston Martin racing prototypes, the AMR-AP by Arguden is a massive leap into the future. Even so, the 2035 AMR-AP design sticks with the things we know already work so well on the track: ultra-low nose, shrouded fenders, massive length and long-tail spoiler with numerous stabilizer elements. The Arguden AMR-AP prototype is most special to …

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2018 Porsche 901 by Ege Arguden 4-tile

Design Talent Showcase – Porsche 901 by Ege Argüden – Future Super-911 To Take On McLaren and Ferrari?

With the Porsche 911 one of the most consistent and linear designs in all of automobile-dom, it might be easy to think there are no new ideas for how to make the icon more modern, more svelte and delivering even  more performance. Ege Argüden is an exciting talent in the car-design world. Studying automotive and industrial design in Pasadena, Arguden has not only created a stunning new Porsche 911 style. But also a story and design rationale, product positioning and brand heritage study. BIO Originally from Turkey, Arguden recently wrapped up his second design internship with BMW in Munich. Arguden’s …

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