Ford Brings Green To Crimefighting With Creation Of Mach-E GT Police Interceptor Concept, Will Enter MSP Trials

Fighting crime is tricky for many police departments, and it’s natural to assume that electrification and green motoring might not fit into the script at first glance. However, while the bulk of the spotlight is focused on creating EV entries for the civilian market, Ford wanted to cover all angles and unveiled an all-new Mach-E Police Interceptor, which will be spending some time with the Michigan State Police Department.


Mustang Mach-E Will Have Very Formidable Shoes To Fill

The latest Mach-E Police Interceptor concept will have two sets of shoes to fill if it gets full approval for police duty. Not only would it have to build on the tire tracks of the current lineup of Explorer and Taurus-based Police Interceptor vehicles. But also the Ford Mustang, which specific departments use to help give them a fighting chance when chasing fast getaway vehicles. We recently reviewed one a while back, and on the surface, it appears to have the goods to be something special for Ford customers. 

While the Ann Arbor police are already using two Mach-Es in patrol duty, Ford’s attempt at having the Mach-E pass MSP’s grueling certification tests is a crucial stepping stone of progress for the program. Unfortunately, Ford did not reveal any changes made to the MSP pilot car to help prepare it for testing, but we can see that it starts life as a Mach-E GT with the Brembo brakes and the GT exclusive wheels being key calling cards of the trim. The exterior is essentially what you see from a factory Mach-E, but we suspect that if it makes it into MSP service, that won’t be the case for long. In addition to the expected bits such as lighting and livery, the Mach-E would most likely be equipped with front-mounted bullbars if an officer needs to physically use the car to end a pursuit. 


Part Of A Broader Green Vehicle Plan

Even though the Mustang Mach-E is serving as a spearhead into the world of police vehicles, it will not be a one-off, with Ford eventually hoping to include all of its electric vehicles into police departments in various roles. That particular goal is apparent when you look at one specific quote that the company released that states the intent to produce “all-electric purpose-built law-enforcement vehicles.” An excellent place to start will be something that can match the Ford Explorer. That SUV is a prevalent choice among police departments due to its interior dimensions and performance, especially if it has the high-speed pursuit capable 3.0 liter twin-turbocharged V6. 

A Mach-E GT makes 480 hp from its electrified powerplant and can make the sprint to 60 mph in the 4.0-second range. If Ford succeeds in this plan, it could potentially create a massive change in MSP’s fleet. Currently. The Michigan State Police uses V8-equipped Dodge Chargers for highway enforcement though that duty is sometimes shared with the Chevrolet Tahoe and the Explorer Police Interceptor model. However, the Chargers have developed a dubious reputation for poor reliability, especially in braking hardware, and thus creates a potential opening for Ford to solidify its hold on the segment.