2015 Fisker Thunderbolt Concept 49

2015 Fisker Thunderbolt Design Concept Is One-Off Masterclass In Sexy Supercar Style

After what must have felt like a long decade of misadventures, Henrik Fisker is going back to his roots: lavish and custom design upgrades to factory sports-cars. Fisker’s custom SL-Class and 6-series BMW’s were the stepping-stone between Fisker’s design career (with the BMW Z8 and Aston DB9 on his CV) and the OEM hybrid-maker of the Fisker Karma. After designing the Tesla Model S, Fisker set his sights on more impressive pastures: an EREV with integrated gasoline generator and styling so outrageous and sexy that the Karma made every other sedan feel instantly dated and tired. The story unraveled under …

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CarRevsDaily Supercars 2014 Aston Martin Vanquish 30

Supercar Showcase: 2014 Aston Martin Vanquish Centenary Edition

The new Aston Martin Vanquish is looking mighty tempting these days. Fresh styling outside, fresh tech inside, and sprint performance finally worthy of its pricing. That pace is 4.1-seconds to 60mph, officially, in case you were wondering. This low-rev quickness is a huge improvement versus the previous drag times for the DBS thanks to a host of changes to the V12 engine to liberate more ferocity. The new paddle shifters for the automatic add versatility, letting drivers instantly blip down a gear or three or max exhaust bellow. The new styling is actually quite memorable and distinctive, particularly in one …

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Maserati MC Stradale High-Res Images - CarRevsDaily

V8 Bellow of 2014 Maserati Corsa Stradale Gran Turismo Twins Will Melt Your Heart

HD Exhaust Howl These two extremely limited-production racing specials are truly sublime. Every exterior detail is massaged, including the deep carbon-fiber left unpainted in some close-ups ofmthe MC Stradale GranTurismo. The cabrio in white is even more erotic, almost. Updates for 2014 include the rear seat available as an option, which is a fantastic benefit for the Maserati super-coupes. The back seat size is far closer to the Bentley Continental GT’s than the tiny parcel shelves in the Porsche 911 or the Aston Martin Vanquish. Enjoy this exclusive animated video of the twins in action, including the official soundtrack of …

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