Aston Martin Drops The Top On V12 Fun With Vantage Roadster, Will Be Even Rarer Than Coupe Version

Aston Martin is saying goodbye to its long-running V12 engine. But while the coupe was a welcome surprise and it certainly gets the job done well. One piece was always missing in the puzzle: the ability to drop the top and soak in the sun. Aston Martin has found this proverbial square hole’s square peg and unveiled the all-new V12-powered Vantage Roadster.

Vantage Roadster Takes Open Air Motoring To Next Level

When you take your first glance at the Vantage Roadster, it might seem as if you’re staring at a mirror, with the rVantage Roadster sharing the bulk of its styling with the coupe (minus the roof being chopped.) Even the performance numbers are identical, with the twin-turbocharged V12 still producing 690 hp and 550 lb-ft of torque, allowing the Roadster to have a virtually identical 0 to 60 time with the coupe.

However, it’s the finer details where the Roadster makes its own distinct mark. Adding a folding convertible roof (even a soft top) adds weight and as a result, Aston engineers had to find creative ways to trim the fat and shave precious pounds. One example is that the exhaust system is made out of an ultra-thin piece of stainless steel and lightweight carbon fiber brakes. The lightweight material is also used on the hood, front bumper, fenders, and side sills. Unlike the front half of the car, the rear eschews carbon fiber for lightweight composites, and the rear wing has been deleted to help create a classier design (it can be added back on as part of an optional aerodynamics package) and optional forged wheels, and lightweight carbon fiber sport seats all play a role in shedding even more ounces from the car.


When Can I Buy One?

Aston revealed that production of the Vantage Roadsteris on track to begin later this year, with the first deliveries slated to take place early next year. However, buyers looking to add one to their fleet have missed the bus. While the coupe was limited to 333 examples, the Roadster is a rare animal, with the company only building 249 examples of the sold-out model before production ends. With the entire production run sold out, Aston didn’t reveal pricing but expect the final figure to be a noticeable premium over the V12-powered coupe.