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2023 Acura Integra To Get CVT Standard, Manual Reserved For Top Trim According To New Report

The 2023 Acura Integra is leaving us with more questions than answers ever since Acura debuted the near-production prototype of the concept last year. But while some will have to wait until the production version debuts, it appears that buyers will be in for some mixed news according to a new report which laid out the state of affairs in regards to the transmission offerings for the model.    CVT To Rule Most Of The Integra Range There were a set of rumors that appeared to suggest that the Integra could get Honda’s 10-speed automatic despite some of its core …

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2021 Acura TLX Revealed, Poised To Make Acura Serious Threat In Sport Sedan Segment Once Again [Video]

Following a steady stream of teaser images that have done a good job wetting our appetite for Acura‘s revamped TLX sedan, the Japanese luxury car brand has taken the veil off of the 2021 TLX which aims to reinvigorate Acura’s ability to be a threat in the popular sport sedan segment. Based on what we see here, we think Acura could be on the right track to reaching this bold goal. The exterior styling of the 2021 TLX thankfully embraces many of the styling cues that we came to adore in the Type S concept, with chiseled lines, aggressive curves, …

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Upcoming Second Generation Acura TLX Could Debut A New Turbocharged V6, Engine Allegedly Developed Just For Acura

The second generation Acura TLX has been an eagerly awaited offering. With SUVS and CUVS as well as the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic currently on the world stage, it can be easy to forget that some new products are still moving along with their launch schedule. One of these is the second generation Acura TLX, and a new report appears to suggest that buyers could benefit from an all new V6 which would be exclusive to the Acura brand. We first got a glimpse of the next generation TLX when Acura unveiled the Type S concept at the Quail event back …

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