Latest Acura NSX Type S Teaser Hints At New Levels Of Speed, Promises Very Potent Send Off

Acura first revealed that it was planning a hotter NSX Type S model a few weeks ago, but other than a minor teaser video not much has come to light about the mysterious model. An all-new teaser video, though, appears to highlight that some very potent firepower is lurking in the engine bay and that it aims to shake up the supercar segment.


Faster, Stronger, But More Powerful?

Acura’s latest teaser video does not leave much to the imagination, but the brief clip does show that the engine will receive some much-needed love from Acura engineers. The bulk of the shot focuses on the engine cover, with the bit of engine visible having a bright red piece of trim in the center. There are also some changes to the outer part of the cover itself, with some new trim and perhaps some new plumbing also being visible. All of this is mated to a very firey soundtrack with the engine climbing pretty high up in the rev band.

What’s not known is just how much power will be added to the engine. The twin-turbocharged V6 is already a very potent mill in its own right, and we had a brief chance to experience it out on the track at Road America a while back. We liked our time with it back then, but if Acura is adding a sizable dollop of power to the mixture, we look forward to seeing just how much of an upgrade this infusion of power is to the driving experience. The current NSX makes 572 hp, so it wouldn’t be too far of a stretch to see Acura’s performance-focused tweaks push that figure past the 600 hp barrier.


Type S Exterior To Have Its Own Suite Of Changes

Unlike the mysteries surrounding its performance chops, Acura has given us a slightly better look at the exterior of the NSX Type S. As we initially suspected, the changes here are not radical and instead gravitate towards the more modest end of the spectrum. The front fascia appears to have some minor tweaks, and the side profile looks more aggressive. As for the rear fascia, it appears to have a bigger diffuser and perhaps a tweaked exhaust system to help the setup mesh with the car.

While it may not be the rabid styling that some thought the spicier NSX would have, this evolutionary approach suits the car. It appears that Acura designers chose to only focus on the finer things while leaving much of the core aspects of the car alone. That’s fine with us since the NSX was never hunting or Lamborghini or Ferrari models in the first place and still manages to look modern alongside more traditional sport and supercar models.


When Will We See The 2022 NSX Type S?

Thankfully, Acura is not having us wait too long on that front, with their social media pages revealing that the NSX Type S will be making its debut on August 12th. That timeframe lines up with Monterey Car Week through the rapidly deteriorating COVID-19 situation in the U.S. does put that timetable in jeopardy, especially if organizers of the fore-mentioned event are forced to cancel.

Production of the NSX Type S will also be limited, with the company projected to build only 250 examples before it ceases production. The Type S will also be the swan song of the NSX, with Acura appearing to have no plans to release a third-generation model. That makes sense since the NSX has had a rough time of it in terms of sales and is also a rare sight in dealer inventory, with none in the Metro Detroit area as of this writing.