Honda Teases 2023 CR-V Interior, Confirms Big Changes Are Coming

Honda has been on a roll lately in the way that it is updating core members of its model lineup. The recently unveiled HR-V compact SUV showed that the company was willing to use some of the core building blocks of the recently launched Civic sedan to add more commonality to their lineup while also injecting youthful vigor into the lines too. This has now extended to the CR-V with Honda confirming that the 2023 Honda CR-V is coming this summer.


CR-V Interior Promises To Be A Game Changer

Honda’s wafer-thin press release didn’t reveal too many details about the CR-V itself with Honda only confirming that it’s in the “Year of the SUV” and even adding a nifty hashtag (#HondaCRV.) But while we have to wait for more information to appear to get a better sense of what the 2023 CR-V is bringing to the table, Honda did reward us with a consolation prize and released one lone teaser image of the CR-V’s interior.

The cabin itself is the latest to benefit from some of the Civic’s design magic and incorporates many of the traits and cues that we last saw in that model and the HR-V. They include the full-width air vent that moves from the center dash to the passenger side as well as a new infotainment system with a tidy set of analog controls underneath. A new steering wheel pushes the 2023 CR-V into a sportier direction and the fully digital instrument cluster adds a new level of depth and substance to the CR-V’s digital game. We also see a revamped shifter and the seats appear to have benefitted from similar tweaks including splashes of contrast stitching.


When Will We See The 2023 Honda CR-V?

At this stage in the game, It’s no surprise that Honda chose to hold back key details, but the Japanese auto giant confirmed that the 2023 Honda CR-V will make its appearance on July 12th. This timetable could indicate that the CR-V could make its appearance either later this year, or early next year. Honda will need to tread carefully with the redesign since the CR-V is a bread and butter offering for Honda and the last thing they need is for the revisions to cause sales to retreat instead of increase.

Look for tweaks to the performance hardware as well including an updated hybrid model that could bring more power and fuel mileage to consumers. We’ll keep you posted on any future CR-V updates as they become available.