2016 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 by BBM Motorsport – Hear the 700HP Blackbooty’s CAPRISTO Exhaust

If any sports car is really universal, it must be the Porsche 911…  AND the C7 Corvette!

The new Corvette is so, so amazing to drive that its appeal transcends borders and cultures like wind, water or sunlight.

The seven-speed stickshift, the standard targa roof panel, the 4-second launches, the big trunk, and the big V8 howl.  All these things make the Eurotrip in full working order, and have perhaps an even larger impact on those more familiar with grimey diesels than a clean cut of American sirloin.

It is interesting to know what BBM Motorsport would do to their C7 — simply because this automotive performance boutique is best known for its wild turbo and supercharged upgrades.  BBM has some of the best ECU tuning engineers out there, though.  And they were able to liberate some extra power from this giant V8 — even without upping or adding much boost.  (More will come via a Stage 2 mod package still in development.)

The reflashed computer and upgraded intake take the total outputs for this Corvette up to 700HP and 910 pound-feet of torque.

This part is a Z06-exclusive, but the rest of the upgrade can be fitted to any ‘base’ C7.

A fresh livery, CAPRISTO exhaust and down-pipes and ultralight alloys complete this car’s makeover.  It certainly looks autobahn-ready to us!  The one gripe?  The tire stenciling is awesome, but BBM Motorsport does not make these tires… so it is a bit less than authentic.  Just in that spot though.

‘Black Booty Monster’ is this nickname for this shouty shorty — and one just like it could be yours!  Watch the videos below to see and hear the big ‘black booty monster’ sing for its supper.



2016 Chevrolet Corvette by BBM Motorsport

Photos: BBM Motorsport

BBM Motorsport in Senden near Münster offers the latest development in chip tuning software as their core business. In addition, the company’s primary focus is to optimize the ideal link between components from sports- and racing cars.
In order to meet almost any client’s demand – whether brake systems, sports exhaust system or suspensions – BBM Motorsport counts many prestigious manufacturers among their partnerships.

A series of outstanding vehicles should be pointed out. First in line is the latest Corvette C7 Z06 and now GM’s fourth generation of the “Z06” model range.
This stunning sports car received a modest, but effective front spoiler which is available either in carbon flash metallic finish for 3.490 Euro or in visible carbon fiber for 4.490 Euro. It was important to retain the standard appearance of the Z06.

The Capristo exhaust system made especially by BBM Motorsport for 4.250 Euro includes CES-control system and TÜV approval. For 550 Euro an H-pipe replaces the main catalytic to gain an even more aggressive sound. Fancy Ultraleggera rims in 19” or 20” adds another 2.490 Euro to the bill. This eliminates purchasing new tires as the standard tires would be suitable.

A specifically designed air intake system plus an optional software adjustment yields a performance increase of 40 HP and 30 lb-ft. With this BBM Motorsport package, the Corvettes’ Z06 rear axle would handle an impressive 700 HP and 910 lb-ft.

An ultimate highlight of this particular Corvette C7 is a magnificent design vinyl by the car-wrapping specialist SL Premium in Recklinghausen. The fees are dependent on efforts and individual design.

Curious? Check out this incredible videos at the BBM-YouTube-Channel




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Photos: BBM Motorsport