2022 Chevrolet Blazer RS AWD Review: Rally Sport Goes Off-Pavement

2022 Chevy Blazer RS: When Rally Sport Makes a Difference

The 2022 Blazer RS is the only RS trimmed crossover from Chevy that gets performance upgrades. In the case of the Blazer there is a dual clutch rear differential that can torque vector. Oddly enough this dual clutch feature can also essentially lock the rear axle shafts together for excellent off-pavement traction.

2022 Blazer RS Exterior

For 2022 Chevy has added Nitro Yellow and Blue Glow to the color lineup of the Blazer. Our tester was adorned in the very bright Nitro Yellow. Many manufacturers are offering distinct new colors that might disrupt the general populate. However, we enjoy the fact that there are options besides red and the grayscale palate.

The RS trim adds a blacked out look. Exhaust tips and the surround of a couple of the black badges are the only chrome bits on the Blazer RS. Our tester was even equipped with two-tone paint making the roof black to match the bumpers, grill, wheels, and badges.

Inside the 2022 Blazer RS

The cabin is jet black but the RS trim adds a variety of red accents. These accents can be found in the stitching of the leather, on the vents, and on the back of the shift knob. Getting the Rally Sport trim brings a plethora of standard features and opens up nearly all the available options.

Every Blazer now comes with an 8” touchscreen that includes Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. More importantly there are physical buttons for all of the most used features. No need to search the touchscreen to adjust climate settings.

Up front there is a wireless charger and two USB ports for keeping devices powered up. The rear seats also have two USB ports but instead of a wireless pad there is a 120-volt outlet.


On Road Behavior

Chevy has done an excellent job in developing the driving characteristics of the Blazer. Steering is direct and precise, but feedback is a little less than you get in other performance crossovers. The chassis is very stable and inspires confidence on curvy roads. Braking is also a confidence booster as it is strong and easily controllable. Despite having fairly wide 265/45R21 tires, we noticed the vehicle slide on occasions where other high performance crossovers didn’t.

Off-Pavement Capability

While the new generation Blazer gets knocked for not being more like the K5 Blazer of old, it still has surprisingly good off-road capability. At least as far as traction is concerned. It is still close to the ground with poor approach, breakover, and departure angles.

We have taken previous new gen Blazers off-pavement multiple times, so this time around we did limited testing. Don’t think we went soft though! We took the 2022 Blazer RS up the hardest line on our steep test hill. It made the climb much easier than most other crossovers and even better than some body on frame SUVs.


The 2022 Blazer RS AWD starts at $44,000. Our tester was equipped with over $5,000 in options. These included the Enhanced Convenience Package ($1,660), Driver Confidence II Package ($1,650), and 21” wheels ($1,000), among other items. Adding in the destination charge of $1,195 the total MSRP for our tester was $50,585. One thing to note is the $50 credit for the lack of heated and ventilated seats up front and heated seats in the rear. These can be added free of charge at the dealer once the parts become available.

This price puts the Blazer in the range of a Mercedes GLC or BMW X3, rather than it’s actual competitors like the Ford Edge or GMC Acadia.


The 2022 Blazer RS is very well equipped and has excellent driving characteristics. It is responsive, handles well, and has acceptable power. Overall it’s an wonderful crossover, but will the upcoming Mazda CX-70 be a better value with similar performance?