Ram Provides New Teaser Image For EV Pickup, Sheds New Light On Design

In addition to revealing the first production EV for Jeep as well as other aspects of its production plans, Stellantis also helped create some much-needed clarity for its upcoming Ram EV pickup which is expected to do battle with rivals like the Chevrolet Silverado EV and the Ford F-150 Lightning.


Ram EV Goes In A Bolder Styling Direction

While the renderings for the truck are still obscured by shadows, Ram‘s form of providing clarity is our first look at the rear end of the truck. The design here is clearly going in a radically different direction from ICE-powered Ram 1500 offerings with the front fascia embracing an all-new design for the headlights as well as the hood and fenders. The rear of the truck is adorned in LED lighting with the light bar snaking its way across the tailgate with both ends meeting up at an illuminated version of Ram’s updated logo.

The lights themselves have a dogbone-like shape to them and it’s evident that Dodge designers might be channeling some of their design inspiration from 1990s era Ram trucks which were in turn inspired by semi-trucks and had large chrome grilles and other big rig inspired design elements. That’s evident in the way the rear fenders are puffed outward and the unique cab design which has a vague resemblance to the Silverado EV and could perhaps be an attempt to improve the aerodynamic profile of the truck.


When Will We See it?

Unlike the Jeep EV that was revealed,d the Ram EV pickup will make its formal appearance later, with Stellantis revealing that the truck will enter production in 2024. The truck will be built on the STLA Frame platform which incorporates a separate frame from the body and is a departure from other EVs that tend to use unibody-based underpinnings. The STLA Frame platform is capable of handling up to 200 kWh of battery capacity and trucks equipped with the beefier battery are projected to deliver up to 500 miles of range which would be a 100-mile increase over the 400-mile rating wielded by the Silverado EV RST.

Ram also revealed that it will offer a plug-in hybrid version of the Ram in 2024 too with some of that model’s technology being based on the electrified Ram.  This model could serve as a gateway offering of sorts and would either give customers a comfortable balanced option for various tasks or help them learn about the electrified side of pickup truck ownership before they make the full leap into a pure electric Ram model.