Ford Bronco Raptor Teased, Newest Bronco Variant Adds Spice To Retro Package

When we last saw the 2023 Ford Bronco Raptor, it appeared as a flash of teaser footage during our coverage of the first-ever Motorbella event in Detroit, Michigan, a few months ago. Ford reps at the time revealed little about the upcoming model though whispers from some of the local dealer reps at the event appeared to indicate that there was more lurking underneath the surface. A new set of teaser photos helps broaden our view of the Bronco Raptor and even helps us learn a few new things about it.


Bronco Raptor Is Still Wearing Camo, For Now

The latest round of pictures comes from Bronco Nation, the only officially certified Bronco fansite on the web. The pictures show the Raptor out in the wild with the SUV still wearing a light layer of camouflage. Some of the details were already unleashed in the initial round of close-up teasers, with the wider front grille featuring amber-colored running lights. The side profile is enhanced with re-worked wheel openings and larger flares that help accommodate the larger tires. Bronco Nation claims that the Raptor will be equipped with 37-inch off-road tires. Still, Ford has not officially confirmed that particular detail just yet (though its mention on Bronco Nation does lend some credence to the information being legit.)

The rear of the Bronco Raptor shares a lot of its core DNA with mainstream Broncos, but it has tweaked lighting, including the same marker lights, to help it be compliant with U.S. laws. The Bronco Raptor will also be the model that will allow buyers to achieve the full performance potential that lurks in the Bronco’s platform, with Ford appearing to confirm that there won’t be a spicier one above it (unlike the teased F-150 Raptor R.)


When Will We See The 2023 Bronco Raptor?

Ford revealed that the 2023 Bronco Raptor would appear in dealerships in 2022, with Bronco Nation even confirming that it would appear in summer. That means that the wait will be short, with more information [perhaps being revealed in the next few months. We’re curious to see what engine Ford is using under the hood and any changes that the company is making to the interior.