Mazda Releases Official MX-3 Pricing, Confirms Owners Can Borrow Other Mazdas

This year has been a very interesting one in terms of new vehicle launches. While the Ford Bronco hogged the spotlight in regards to its own developmental journey, the Mazda MX-30 has had an interesting story of its own that has taken place in the limelight. First making its original debut in 2019, the MX-30 has undergone its fair share of changes to help it make the transition into formal production and Mazda has now announced the final pricing ladder for production versions.


California Exclusive MX-30 Comes With Value Focused Pricing And Perks

The MX-30 will come in two trim levels when it appears in showrooms with the base model starting at $33,470 while the richer Premium Plus model starts at $36,480. So what do buyers in California get when they sign on the dotted line? For starters, Mazda will hook them up with a $500 ChargePoint credit which not only gives them access to public charging but can also be put towards the installation of a Level 2 charging station at their home. 

In addition, MX-30 owners are also automatically enrolled in the company’s Elite Access Loaner program. This program allows MX-30 owners to borrow a gasoline-powered Mazda vehicle for up to 10 days when they need to go on longer trips. With the MX-30 being designed mainly for close to mid-range urban driving thanks to its 100-mile range, this program will help ease fears of range anxiety and give owners an avenue to follow in the event they are forced to go on a long journey or vacation.


Range And Performance Blend Into One Fine Package

While its 100-mile range may seem a bit lacking when compared to current EV offerings, Mazda thinks that it can make up some ground with the performance that the MX-30 brings to the table. The all-electric powerplant produces 143 hp and 200 lb-ft of torque and Mazda claims that it can be brought to 80 percent charge in just 30 minutes, while a DC fast charger comes in second with the 80 percent mark being reached in two hours and 50 minutes. 

But if you’re a buyer that prefers to use a standard wall-mounted outlet, you’ll have a bit of a wait on your hands, with the MX-30 taking over 13 hours to reach optimum charge when charged this way. Thankfully, the interior of the MX-30 makes up for this to a degree with a standard 8.8-inch touchscreen infotainment system arriving as standard equipment. The system comes with an updated version of Mazda’s infotainment software and comes with integrated Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Premium Plus models get more equipment with a 12-speaker audio system, heated steering wheel, 360-degree backup camera, and keyless entry. This trim also swaps out the cloth seating surfaces for environmentally friendly leatherette seating surfaces (no animal-sourced goods here.) 


When Can I Buy An MX-30 For My Garage?

As mentioned the Mazda MX-30 will be limited to California customers only with the other 49 states being left out of the fun (for now.) Those customers will see the first models arrive in showrooms in October with Mazda revealing that it has opened the order books for the MX-30 and customers can reserve one starting today.