Pebble Beach Concept Lawn Sneak Peeks from Saturday Night Preparations

The veil just doesn’t get lifted magically at any event, including the always prestigious and hotly anticipated annual Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance main attraction; the concept law. For tomorrow’s dawn patrol throngs, workers must toil many hours to get everything into place. Some early reveals are always possible. Tonight is nothing different. An evening stroll in the jam packed, bustling 17-mile drive, down the stairs and we see a couple of cars that not everyone might have seen before, or at least not on these shores. Acura brought the swansong NS-X Type S, and it’s very well put together, looking quite tidy. Porsche has what I feel is the best flowing design of the new Taycan, the Cross-Turismo, in a very nice dark blue. I also have seen a unique customized AMG GT Speedstar by Bussink tooling around these roads yesterday, and while not official, it is a handsome topless beast, with an almost F1-inspired halo looking mid-bar where a windshied and roof would otherwise exist. Project Sandbox, looking more like it came out of a toybox, is here to scratch the safari 911 itch everyone’s talking about.