2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS Debuts, Packs 478 Mile Range And Slick Hyperscreen Technology

The Tesla Model S showed the world that a luxury EV sedan could be desirable and luxurious. Tesla’s achievement served as a springboard for countless other firms, and these days the pool of competitors has grown considerably. One notable absence was Mercedes-Benz, with the iconic German luxury brand taking its time to make a Model S competitor. But after nine years, the three-pointed star has unveiled its long-awaited contender, the 2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS, which aims to raise the bar and finally bring the fight to Tesla.


EQS, It’s A Looker

While the bulk of the attention will be focused on the interior of the EQS, the exterior certainly tries to do its best to steal the show. The styling here is focused on rocketing the EQ brand to the future, and with the EQS serving as the flagship sedan of the brand, designers went to great lengths to emphasize this point. With no ICE engine to get in the way, they could push the hood line down while also simultaneously pushing the windshield further forward. Meanwhile, the arched roofline and liftback styling help create what the company calls a “one-bow” shape, allowing the EQS to have a very distinctive look.

Mercedes reps claim that the EQS is all about “Progressive Luxury,” which means that subtlety takes big precedence over elaborate bodylines. There are some creases here and there, but they play a more supportive role and don’t leap out to become prominent distractions. The headlights and the clamshell hood have a rather elegant flair to them and further build on the subdued styling that the EQS has to offer. The front panel houses the traditional center-mounted three-pointed badge, but it actually also has dozens of smaller stars scattered throughout.  The rear fascia features aggressive-looking taillights, and they help add some sporty character to its flanks.


All Hail The Hyperscreen

Naturally, the EQS wouldn’t be a proper Mercedes product if it didn’t deliver the goods for luxury and technology. It certainly delivers all the right things when it comes to this particular category. Slip inside, and you are greeted by the first production application of Mercedes’s Hyperscreen technology. Measuring in at 56 inches, this massive wide pane of glass houses three OLED screens in its massive swath of glass. The driver views a 12.3-inch digital instrument display, while a 17.7-inch touchscreen handles the infotainment functions. A separate 12.3-inch screen is reserved for the front passenger, and it allows them to access features such as seat climate, massage, and more. The screen can even turn its self off if it senses the driver trying to look over towards it.

While all of these displays, icons, and even sounds may seem like the car is trying to drown your brain in information, take solace knowing that Mercedes has that problem covered with a “zero layer” mode. Engage it, and a large map fills the central screen, and many functions and icons are reduced to small groupings. The idea here is that drivers looking to start the car and go to their destination won’t be bombarded with technology and can focus on the rigors of driving. A more traditional portrait style 12.3-inch touchscreen on the EQS 450, but that means sacrificing the Hyperscreen.

The space itself manages to be much more spacious than an S-Class, and the cabin is full of high-quality materials, including microsuede accents and real wood trim. The stretched-out proportions play a role in this, and the high-mounted dashboard helps enhance the coziness of the interior. Oh, and we like how the Hyperscreen and the assorted nacelles actually appear to float in place with the effect achieved by clever part positioning and ambient lighting. A rear bench seat is the sole accommodations available for passengers, but it’s still a very luxurious place to be especially when paired with the optional Executive Rear Seat package.


Otherworldly Luxury Including “Power Nap” Mode

With all the traditional luxury features present in the EQS, it’s only natural to talk about some of the wilder features present in the EQS. One that certainly caught our attention is the all-new “Power Nap” feature. This mode can be activated when the EQS is charging, and it reclines the front seats, closes all the window shades, and even plays a relaxing tune to help you go to sleep. When the car is charged or a pre-determined amount of time goes by, the EQS will activate the ambient lighting and gently raise the seats back up.

Buyers looking to drown out the pollutants commonly found in city air can do so with a HEPA air filter and accompanying air sensor, which monitors the air in the EQS and will show the driver differences between the air quality on the outside and the air inside the Benz.


When Can I Buy A 2022 EQS?

Mercedes-Benz revealed that the 2022 EQS would begin arriving in U.S. dealerships later this year. Pricing and final EPA numbers will be released closer to its official launch. However, looking at how the S-Class’s pricing ladder is set up for its role as the flagship of the ICE Benz lineup, it would not be a major shock to see the EQS largely follow suit in pricing. That means a base model could easily climb past $100,000.

Looking to climb higher in the trim ladder? Expect pricing to match accordingly with the range-topping EQS, perhaps crossing $150,000. At those prices, the EQS will essentially be doing battle with rivals like the Porsche Taycan, The Model S Plaid, as well as a few newcomers, including the Lucid Air Grand Touring. The Benz will most likely be the priciest of the bunch, but the company prefers you ignore that and instead focus on the prestige, brand recognition, and some of the luxury that the EQS will bring to the table.

So is the 2022 Mercedes EQS worth the money? That ultimately depends on who you ask, with some claiming that they will be early adopters and embrace some of the novel features that it will bring to the EQ brand. Others will point out that the EQS does not have a model to help branch out to the less expensive side of the flagship EV market. Either way, look for the 2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS to turn heads and make a statement wherever it goes, especially at your local charging station.