Update1 – VOSSEN BMW i8 Trio On 22s At Port of Miami – 200-Pic Mega Gallery

 Vossen BMW i8 Wheels

Wonderful collection of photos to share here. Three styles of Vossen 22-inch forged alloys showcased here — with all creating very unique and distinct moods for the BMW supercar.

These giant wheels work wonders for the i8’s street presence and curb appeal. They are just the final twist of exotic flavor needed to help the i8 fit in with the Ferrari, Lambo and McLaren crowds of South Beach.

Before the main event of shimmery crimson wheels over white bodywork… a moody mountain set of the i8 on Vossen VPS-309 forged alloys.

VOSSEN BMW i8 – VPS-309 Wheels

VOSSEN BMW i8 – VPS-308 22-inch Forged Alloys