Volkswagen teases 2021 Golf R, claims it will be most powerful Golf model in history

Volkswagen has always had a way of pleasing the masses. The current generation Golf GTI still remains one of the best performance bargains in the market today, but what if your a hot hatch buyer that craves more power, and wants something that can really make a splash at the local track day? Volkswagen has just the answer for you, with the German auto giant releasing the first official teaser for the 2021 Golf R.   Exterior styling pumps up the volume Volkswagen chose to release one lone teaser image which appears to show a portion of the model’s rear …

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2016 VW Golf R Lapiz Blue by Lyndon Johnson 5

2016 VW Golf R – Road Test Review – By Lyndon Johnson

You read the headline correctly: This is a review of a 2016 VW Golf R — not a 2017. Why are we just now getting to review this model? Because when a car is this good, every media outlet wants to drive it. Luck of the draw meant we got this Lapiz Blue example of the 2016 Golf R late in the calendar year. That’s how it goes sometimes. The Golf R is now available as a 2017 model, with an MSRP starting a little bit north of $35K and topping out at $40,475. We hear you saying it: “Forty-large …

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