See VOSSEN Design and Build VPS-306 Alloys for Mercedes-AMG GT S in 180-Pic Photo Essay

 vossen amg gt

Here’s a really cool look behind the scenes at Vossen wheels. How are custom wheels designed and tested for an all-new model like the AMG GT?

This photo essay takes us on a step-by-step trip through the process of upgrading the factory rims. How shockingly tiny do the factory wheels in comparison with the end results?!

The engineering and laser measurements of the inner wheel wells and axle hubs are the most critical bits of knowledge for Vossen’s CAD-CAM designers. Once these parameters are set, the firm can custom-cut any design or style of wheels to fit any AMG GT flawlessly.

Pretty cool. As ever, the “after” results of this makeover show that all that effort was worthwhile….

A final customization option? The finish of the wheels. The raw alloy powdercoat in the original photos is cool, but we’ve rendered 10 other finishes to show what’s possible. The dark anthracite gloss is stunning on the vehicle. 2015-08-04_133141-tile


VOSSEN AMG GT-S – Alloy Wheel Finish Renders

vossen amg gt wheel finish renders

VOSSEN VPS-306 Mercedes-AMG GT-S Build