2019 Ford F-150 Limited – Road Test & Towing Review – By Matt Barnes

With the intense pickup truck wars in full effect right now, manufacturers are offering more luxury and ease-of-use features than ever before.

Coming in at the very top of Ford’s F-150 lineup is the new Limited model.

Recently, Ford sent us an F-150 Limited for review and we found that there were only six added options. Nearly every other conceivable feature is standard equipment.

The Limited model is only available in the Super Crew 5.5 ft. bed configuration. It comes with so many features on the interior that there are few things that can be optioned. On the inside, our test model came with the optional tray style floor mats; everything else was standard. On the exterior, the white platinum metallic paint, tailgate step, spray in bedliner and trailer tow package were added. With all the options, our truck rang in at $74,775 including the destination charge. The only powertrain option is 4wd over the base 2wd.


The spacious cabin is a welcoming retreat with two-tone soft-touch leather and massaging front seats. Of course, the front seats are also heated and cooled, and the steering wheel is heated as well. We wouldn’t expect anything less in a top trim vehicle today. One quirk is that the VIN number is placed on the limited badge that also displays the model year and the vehicle production number on the center arm rest.

Up front there are plenty power options with USB ports, a 12 volt outlet, and a 110 volt outlet to charge most devices.

For the driver, everything is adjustable from what is displayed in the instrument cluster to the adjustable pedals and steering wheel. The infotainment system, with an 8-inch screen, is easy to use and there are physical buttons for most features. That makes changing the radio station or setting the climate control very easy, even when using maps for navigation.

Rear seat passengers also have plenty of room and heated outboard seats. If more storage room is needed, the rear seat bottoms lift up, exposing a massive flat load floor. There are also two USB charging ports, a 12 volt outlet and a 110 volt outlet for all the charging needs of the rear seat passengers.

While the inside is very nicely appointed, there are still some hard-touch surfaces and cheap-feeling plastic bits that aren’t found in the top trims of the 2019 Ram 1500. There is also room for improvement with the sound system.


The platinum white metallic paint is a good look for this truck and helps keep the heavy use of chrome from standing out too much. One thing that can’t be hidden is the massive chrome tailgate appliqué, with Limited written across the center. Up front there is a chromed grill with the blue oval hiding the front-facing camera in the center of the grill. The tow hooks are also chromed, making them feel more flashy than function, but we don’t doubt they are strong recovery points. The body colored bumper that houses the fog lights is a welcome feature, as chrome here would have over done it.

One test that we now perform on many vehicles is to see if the fog lights can be turned on without having the headlights on. Some vehicles require the headlights on in order for the fog lights to be on. We are happy to report that the fog lights can be used as proper fog lights without the headlights needing to be on.

When a door is opened, the illuminated running boards automatically deploy, which takes some getting used to. If you’re not paying attention, the boards will hit your shins the first few times. The driver’s door has the keypad to unlock the truck with a code. This is a good feature for those who are doing activities where keys are at risk of being lost or damaged, as it allows access to the truck without having the key fob.


The biggest feature on this truck is the 3.5-liter high output EcoBoost engine from the Raptor. This is the same engine that is put into the Ford Raptor with 450 hp and 510 ft. lbs. of torque. This power allows the unladen truck to reach 60 mph in just over 5 seconds. That’s something we never got bored of.

There are plenty of driver aids in the truck to make driving and parking in tight areas a breeze. It comes with a 360° camera, park assist, cross traffic alert, blind spot monitoring for both the truck and a trailer if attached, lane keep assist, pre-collision assist and adaptive cruise control.

The 4wd system is easy to use and intuitive. There are four modes: 2wd, 4wd auto, 4wd high and 4wd low. 4wd auto uses a clutch system that will engage 4wd as necessary for traction, and can vary the power transfer from 0/100 front to rear up to a 50/50 split. Our test model also had the electronically locking rear differential to provide even more traction in rough situations.


Connecting to a trailer is easy with the high definition backup camera. The gain (trailer brake force) is easy to adjust with the factory trailer brake controller, and its location to the right of the steering wheel makes it easy to reach for emergency braking. There are memory options for storing different trailers for those who tow often.

We ran through the setup process to use the Pro Trailer Backup Assist. It’s not difficult and requires four different measurements of the trailer along with placing a sticker in the correct location on trailer. Once everything was setup, the system worked flawlessly. For many, especially those with significant towing experience, this feature is a gimmick, but for those new to trailering it can be a huge aid. Basically, all it takes is turning the dial on the dash in the desired direction you want the trailer to go. Perhaps the best part of the system is when the truck and trailer are at an angle to each other, but the trailer is facing the direction it needs to go. All you need to do is simply let get of the dial and the truck will steer itself so that the trailer backs straight.


Truck enthusiasts are some of the most loyal to their brands, and Ford is delivering to its customers with the new F-150 Limited. If you are willing to crossing brand lines, then this is definitely a contender and might even steal your heart.

If you care about power and tech features, the F-150 Limited with the high-output EcoBoost delivers, but if luxury is your thing, then the Ram is king.