2018 TVR Griffith – Gordon Murray Carbon Supercar Is REAL!

The moment is here.  Rebirth of the famous Blackpool fiberglass wizards TVR.

The brand lives on even if the old steel chassis designs and all legacy engines are dropped.  Production takes a massive leap into the future with Gordon Murray’s iStream process for fast and affordable carbon fiber.  Murrary’s GMD company has shopped this tech for a few years now so it is a double thrill for it to make its debut alongside the Griffith.

The roster of other UK supercar suppliers continues to Cosworth for the 5.0-liter naturally-aspirated V8 sending power exclusively to the back wheels.  0-60 is promised in under four seconds and a power-to-weight ratio promise hints at around 450HP in total.  And an exceptionally light overall machine.

The looks are challenging at first sight.  But before you write off this machine as too freaky-faced to love… check out a few things first.  Recall for instance that the Sagaris and especially the Tuscan seemed (and still seem) unlike any other supercar design in history.  All TVRs are challenging looks to love at first and Griffith is no different.  Its wide-set laps and concave, flipped surface for the bumper/intake are actually quite sexy in the wind tunnel.

The forward-mounted exhausts outlet right behind the front wheels on either side – streamlining the underbody and also ensuring ferocious road sounds.  The slash in the front fenders leads to a softer, more rounded motif for the doors and fenders behind. It is a hot look.

Around profile, even better news to be found.  Shrinkwrapped panels and flawless, focused proportions.  Around the size of the F-Type but remarkably less corporate in its design.  How so?  Check out this rump.  It is all hard lines and flowing seams for the spoilers and diffusers. Actually really a sexy rump indeed.  The closest design parrellel to the TVR Griffith is perhaps the 2015 Toyota FT-1 Supra concept or perhaps AMG SLS in the dead-ahead front view.  Supra is still in the oven for a 2019 arrival, and this Griffith is no concept.  This is it.

But this TVR is firmly read and on the way.  Order books have opened and shut since the summertime for this launch model, and first buyers should have their Griffiths in mid-Spring 2018.  UK focus and easy road legailty rules there make way for express production timetables.  That being said, the cabin is a thing of beauty.  A globalized model with crash and emissions for USA license plates is still years away.



2018 TVR Griffith