Amelia Island 2017 – 1930 Alfa Romeo 1750GS Testa Fissa [27 Photo]

Here is a stunning racer that stands proud even in a line of million-dollar one-offs at Amelia Island Concours 2017.

What really spoke to us about this Alfa Romeo is its artful, graceful and yet quite serious racing bodywork.  The chassis is fully shrouded for aero smoothness — right down to the louvered frame section down below, covered arrow steel for the front suspension, and teardrop tail with zero shutlines.  It is basically a one-piece clamshell for most of the metal!  Even the windshield is a nice flip of metalwork.

Quite special in the flesh.  This car raced extensively in the UK in its original bodywork and set records with a 95-mph average over the Brooklands 12 hour race.

Favorite details?  The temp gauge atop the radiator is visible from the cabin.  The straight radiator also houses the Alfa Romeo script behind its smooth oval intake.  And finally, the rear end metalwork around the frame and rear suspension shows a really magnificent shape.  Clearly hand-formed metal work that is timelessly functional and elegant.

1930 Alfa Romeo 1750GS Testa Fissa