Top 7 Soviet Concept Cars – GAZ Streamliners, Armored Snowmobile, JetCar and HoverCar!

GAZ is best known these days as the maker of the iconic Volga limousine, but the Gorkovsky Avtomobilny Zavod (Gorky Car Plant) was also tasked with creating one-off prototypes and concept vehicles throughout the Cold War period.

Their feasibility for mass production still remains questionable all this time later, but they are wacky and show clever ingeniuty.  And a willingness to experiment!

Here are six extra curious models, starting with the most recent and moving back in time from 1962 to 1950.  You may note the striking evolution of GAZ vehicles in this same period.  From streamlined aero prototypes at first, to jet-engine and maybe even rocket-powered ideas later on, to win Land Speed Records more than cruise to the shops.

And finally, the obligatory hovercar!  This one is made of aircraft alloy — but still looks a bit heavy for an easy float over land or water.

Lost to time, these GAZ concepts are still worth a gawk.


1962 GAZ 16A Hovercar

1956 “Moskvich G2” with an aerodynamic body

1954 GAS-TR “Strela” with a jet aircraft engine

~1953 GAZ Armored SnowMachine Protoypeba_64z_opytnyj_1

Torpedo-GAS, based on “Pobeda”, 1951

GAZ M-20 “Pobeda-Sport”, 1950