KAEGE.de Reveals LED Projector Headlamps for Classic 911s – Even Carbon Optics and Black Chrome Bezels!

One of the suckiest parts about driving a vintage supercar is the lighting.  LED technology has revolutionized how much style and light you can have in front of you on the roads in 2016… but many classic cars are stuck with their dim, sealed-beam incandescents.

No more for 911 owners!

Germany’s Kaege.de has rolled out a special line of top-quality LED upgrades for the Porsche 911.  Ones that fit the car’s status and performance, as well as design aesthetics and overall road presence.

Very high-quality OSRAM LED elements go into these custom-made lamps, and they even come with a three-year warranty.  That is great news: LEDs from the low end aftermarket are notoriously unreliable.

No problems with these, though!  The lamp is even offered with a dark internal optic in carbon fiber, or the classic chrome of course.  The exterior bezel comes in chrome, matte chrome and black chrome. Mmmmm.

There is a price for these posh KAEGE LED lamps, of course, but even at $3k they might be just the ticket to modern sightlines in your cherished vintage Porsche.  From inside and out!

These can be installed by any DIY person in less than an hour, and can be shipped worldwide.

Kaege.de LED Porsche 911 Headlights

PORSCHE 911 with LED light sources by KAEGE
Photos: Jordi Miranda & Kaege Automobile GmbH

Since 1992 KAEGE GmbH in Stetten, Germany is distinguished for their reliable bodywork and trusted vehicle construction as well as their 1996 added reimports of EU-vehicles. In expansion to these ongoing operations, KAEGE started its automotive tuning in 2003 and achieved superb recognition in their region and beyond.
Specifically the “KAEGE RETRO” demands a coherence of conservation and restoration in context with value-stable vehicles. That is why the attention is drawn to the innovative LED headlight technology for the Porsche 911.

A aluminium pressure casing, available in chrome, black chrome and matt chrome, is the housing for the innovative design and the latest automotive LED technology from Osram. This specific technology is comparable with Xenon headlamps achieving the typical white illumination on the road. Call it luminosity with nostalgic accent!

The KAEGE RETRO LEDs are available with or without the function for position lights as well as for right- or left-hand traffic. They are also suitable for all Porsche 911 up to 1993, which means in addition to the 911 they are applicable in the G-model and the 964.

The price for the dual LED “Standard” version amounts to 2,590 Euros and 2,990 Euros for the headlight range adjustment including value added tax for both. For an extra fee the inner part of the headlight is available in chrome or carbon. KAEGE offers a three-year warranty on this authentic style LED headlamps.

The KAEGE RETRO and KAEGE RETRO LEDs are nostalgic in breathtaking perfection, especially in the bundled combination!

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