2017 Bugatti CHIRON – Colors Visualizer – 50 Shades of 300mph BOSS!

chiron side colorsExcitement around the all-new Bugatti Chiron is palpable in the car world.  Ahead of first arrivals to the lucky few owners later in 2016, we’re prepared a three-angle look at the Chiron in more than 70 different colors.

Most of these are screencapped drafts along the way in Photoshop — those are in the three-column gallery below.  The main, higher-quality renderings are a single layout directly below.

Interesting notes?  Beyond the 310-mph Vmax of the speedo??!

How gorgeous and special the Chiron is, mostly.  The design itself is sexy, aero-honed and also quite artful.  All at once!

The car has vastly more color choices and combinations than any other, so these are seriously limited in the breadth of looks for the Chiron.  What do we mean?  The black-lacquered tail and lower spoilers all around are high-impact with a contrast color shade.  But that tail, roof, sills, lower front spoiler and everything else can be ordered in different colors.  Likely as part of a theme.. but who knows.

Beyond the two giant color portions, the huge sweeping side intake and C-pillar is also an interesting design detail for customization.  A contrast color for that line — extending from the horseshoe grille, beyond the blade-sharp middle intake splitters, and all down the lower sill.  Before that majestic arc up and around the body, of course.

We’re slightly proud of getting the Chiron a milky white for the lead rendering.  That is typically much harder to do than swapping red to blue, for example.

Regardless, please enjoy this Chiron digital colorizer.2017 Bugatti CHIRON - Colors 5chiron nose colors


2017 Bugatti CHIRON – Colors

chiron front threequarter colors