2018 Bugatti CHIRON Headlines RM Sotheby’s 2017 New York Icons [33 Photos]

Imagine having a Chiron.

Not in 18 months.  Or even three months.

Now.  This week!

That is how the new owner of this never-register Bugatti Chiron will feel in NYC at Rm Sotheby’s 2017 Icons auction.

No word on who this original orderer was.  The Chiron’s exact color shades are not shared, but it is black on black with red accents.  The red stripe wraps the C-shaped door intake and then sweeps around the nose.

The vehicle comes with an extra rear bumper in crate that meets US road specs.  Fitted is the slightly slimmer world-export-spec rear bumper.

Pricing is conservatively ballparked around $4 million.  This is about a mil up on its original sticker, so a tidy profit indeed.

But in fact, we see this bidding war going past six million pretty easily.

The cars for the RM Icons auction are vieweable by the public at Sotheby’s New York HQ for a few days at the start of December.

All photos courtesy of Sotheby’s and shot by Patrick Ernzen.



2018 Bugatti Chiron

$3,500,000 – $4,000,000

RM | SOTHEBY’S – NEW YORK – ICONS 2017 – Offered on: Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Serial No.
Number One
  • The very first Chiron ordered for the U.S. market – “NUMBER ONE”
  • Never registered or road driven; 250 test miles from new
  • A landmark opportunity to acquire the first Chiron offered at auction
  • An icon at its inception; a marvel of 21st century engineering and design


The Chiron on offer is the first U.S.-specification example ordered and is presented here unregistered and in as-new condition. It is ready and waiting to be taken to the limit and driven as intended. Since completion, it has only been driven 250 miles, which consist entirely of factory test miles to ensure that every aspect of the car was in perfect order prior to delivery. Finished in black with red highlights inside and out, as well as red brake calipers, this is a truly sinister-looking Chiron. It is ready to out-perform anything that dares challenge it. As a brand-new car, it is still accompanied by its factory extended warranty.

Furthermore, the car includes a number of accessories and gifts for the first owner, including a 1:8 scale Amalgam model of this car, U.S.-specification rear bumper (the car is currently fitted with a slimmer R.O.W. specification bumper), and a quick owner’s reference guide. Befitting with the car’s attention to detail and immaculate craftsmanship, it is also accompanied by an aluminum Bugatti crate which contains the following: a leather box containing an extra key, speed key, flash drive, as well as the owner’s manuals, car cover, and trickle charger.

The opportunity to acquire this Chiron marks the very first occasion that one has been offered at auction and represents a tantalizing opportunity. The winning bidder will take delivery of what is unquestionably the most anticipated car of the year, and one that boasts truly unrivaled performance and style. Like its predecessor, it is an automobile that pushes the boundaries and breaks them into oblivion.