CLK DTM AMG Cabrio 2

2007 Mercedes-Benz CLK DTM AMG Cabriolet – RM London Preview

This CLK DTM is a rarer version of the ultra-rare DTM hardtop.  Just 80 copies of this stunning ragtop were produced — and this racing widebody is extra WILD with no roof. Fabric folding top also makes the tall rear wing seem to stand even prouder than it does on the coupe!  The full carbon tonneau cover, and seating all around adds a nice bit if racing flair to a lux hotrod for the street. When new, this machine cost near $350k and was only pre-sold to a select few in Europe. The current owner is seeking about the same …

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Concept Debrief – 2007 Land Rover LRX

THe LRX today is kindof a non-event to view — simply because we are all so familiar with the production Range Rover EVOQUE’s design.  They are dead ringers for one another. But in 2007 when this stunning design vision rolled onstage, it was unlike any green oval truck ever before. Simply magnificent in its chunky, low and sporty proportions…. the LRX also evolved the tech-intense appeal of the LR and RR brands.  Monoblock surfacing all looks milled from solid billet steel — broken up only for ultra-slim and advanced LEDs and a blacked-out, low-roof glasshouse. The production Evoque would appear …

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2007 Mazda TAIKI Concept 32

Concept Flashback – 2007 Mazda TAIKI Explores HyperLight Supercar Back-Channels

Let’s imagine you want to make a supercar. The normal way to achieve massive performance is a giant engine. But is there an alternative route to supercar speed? The TAIKI concept believes there is. The little ticks down the aerodynamics chart are actually really giant leaps forward in aero slipperiness. Dropping a coefficient of drag from 0.30 cD to a 0.29 cD is actually a 10X improvement in how smoothly the car can pass through the air. This change continues its exponential level of change as you approach 0.01 — so the benefits of drag reduction are quite powerful. More …

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2007 Nissan BEVEL Concept 23

Concept Design Analysis – 2007 Nissan BEVEL Was Futuristic SUV Workvan

As Nissan explored the commercial vehicle segments leading to the NV and NV200, there were a few exploratory design concepts leading the way. This BEVEL concept is a cool look at what a cross between the Cube and Pathfinder might resemble — at least in some far-off universe. A single door on the driver’s side contrasted with normal twin doors on the passenger side, while all the seats folded flat to form a flat load bay. The panel-van style of the rear sides is then contrasted with a giant glass roof and huge glass tailgate. Overall, the design is characterized …

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2007 VADHO BMW by ItalDesign Giugiaro

Concept Flashback – 2007 ItalDesign VADHO Ran BMW Hydrogen V12

A hydrogen V12? That is not exactly true. The VADHO indeed runs a BMW Hydrogen fuel cell, but this produces power for a hybrid-electric drivetrain — like all hydrogen cars. The V12 is likely to be conventionally-powered. So why the tandem seating arrangement? Ostensibly, this bubble canopy housing a single passenger behind the driver’s seat is to allow for the powertrain’s massive scale and the required gas tank for the Hydrogen powertrain. These tanks generally are only available in one cylindrical shape — and housing a massive one that can avoid exploding in a crash is deeply challenging for car …

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maserati zagato 2007

Concept Flashback – 2007 Maserati GS ZAGATO

Proof of how much easier it is to criticize than to create? The 2007 Maserati GSZ was a bespoke design of a fastback Grand Sport atop the factory Maserati Coupe’s shell. There are a few angles on this GSZ that really work and are elegant, pure and stylish. But Zagato’s trademark double bubble roofline and intersecting rear canopy do not sit very happily on the ultra-short Maserati’s frame. Moreover, the additional rounding of the glass surfaces is less-than-athletic. But compared with the classic A6G Zagato Maserati which inspired the design, the round and overinflated roofline is a good match. From …

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