Concept Flashback – 2011 Volkswagen Up! Azzurra Sailing Team was Playful Blue Sky Thinking

A harborside revival of many beach cars, the Up! Azzurra Sailing Team concept for the 2011 show circuit was the most whimsical part of a five-pack of custom Up! variants.

The vehicle features exquisite wood and brass detailing for its doorlets and seatbacks, and a totally bespoke solid sill and rear window. The entire roof is just blue sky.

And while this type of cabrio is questionable from all perspectives, it is exceptionally well-executed as a showpiece for the standard Up!

Even with that million-dollar four-seat cabin, the nose, bumpers and even mini steel wheels are all exactly what Euro shoppers can find at the bottom of the VW range.


2011 Volkswagen Up! Azzurra Sailing Team