Concept Flashback – 1995 BMW Z18 is Fascinating Rally Roadster

1995 BMW Z18BMW Technik was really up to some clever stuff in the mid-1990s.

This concept is chock full of interesting and production-bound ideas — even set far apart from the kooky nature of a rally roadster. A convertible crossover… as we might call it today.

But still unlike anything this side of the Ariel Nomad in terms of purity of purpose.

And the Z18 would actually be a pretty fun off-roader. Check out the nonexistent front bumper, fantastic ride height and river-ready wading depth.

Concept vehicle BMW Z18 - BMW Technik GmbH 1995 (03/2010)
Concept vehicle BMW Z18 – BMW Technik GmbH 1995 (03/2010)

1995 BMW Z18 5

There is interesting ‘flame’ surfacing on the Z18, as a matter of fact, far before Bangle made it famous ten years later. Check out the inverted center hood surfacing versus the taut ring running up from the flush double kidney grille.  Or the hidden shutline beneath the front fender’s concave body element.  That front fender is all body-color for the whole back half of the wheel well, yt another chic and cool detail.

The big wheels actually have motorcycle-like tire shrouds, but the disappear into the look thanks to a gloss black finish.

The pert tail and playful demeanor of the Z18 is fascinating even today, a full 20 years later.


1995 BMW Z18